Sunday, January 3, 2016

Cookie Parties, Christmas Tea, MOPS, and A Homecoming

Sunday, December 6 David took the girls to our neighbor's cookie decorating party while I went to set up my table for the tea the next night.

The girls had a blast seeing all our neighbor friends!

Miss Tiffany and Miss Dee (the hostess)

Monday, December 7 was the church Christmas Tea. I've hosted 3 years now and attended 5. This is one of my favorite Christmas events every year!

And this table was my favorite of all the tables I've co-hosted!

Some others that were my favorite this year.

My co-host Janna and I

Our wonderful table of ladies this year!

This year's theme was about celebrating Christmas all the way through from Advent to Epiphany and not just shopping in November and then packing the tree up Dec 26. But really treasuring this time of year and what it means.

Friday, December 11 was our last MOPS meeting for the year and we had some fun activities.

We played family feud between tables and ours won!

Notice I was the ONLY ONE from my table to follow the "wear pajamas" announcement.

It's ok, a lot of others wore theirs too so I wasn't alone!

Then we made Sharon into a snowman!

We had to photograph her with her Diet Coke so people would know who she is. She doesn't go anywhere without a McD's Diet Coke.

Then, that evening was a special homecoming!

Our neighbors across the street's husband has been in Saudi Arabia since August and he came home to surprise his kids! He dressed as Darth Vador and handed his son a light sabor and challenged him to a duel. Then he said, help me take off my mask and when he did, I'll never forget his little voice saying "Dad?!" Jaiden hugged his dad so tight and cried and all the women in the room cried too!

So glad we could be there for that!

Then a special visitor stopped by too!

Her expressions always crack me up!

Saturday, December 12 (after cookie university with girl scouts) I took the girls to another neighbors' cookie decorating party!

Remy decorated this one cookie.

And then she was done!

Letting people know she was here!

Snuggle up for Polar Express!

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