Monday, January 4, 2016

Christmases at the schools

Rylie had pajama day early in December.

Then Remy had pajama day Fri Dec 11.

Compared to the previous 2 years of pj day at school photos by the tree with pigtails lol

That same Friday was Rylie's Jingle Bell Fun Run at school so she was decked in her Christmas attire.

I had my MOPS meeting that morning, then grabbed a quick lunch with friends, the picked Remy up 30 minutes early and we headed to Rylie's fun run 30 min after it started. 

Rylie had already been running her heart out and was taking a rest when we arrived!

Someone was NOT in the picture-taking mood!

This cracks me up, Rylie and her teacher in the exact same position. She ADORES her teacher this year more than any other (and so do I!)

Rylie is a running queen! She did 12 or 13 laps. Remy and I did 2. lol

I changed into jeans but left my pj shirt on. It was fitting for the Jingle Bell Fun Run!

Remy's Santa photo at school

Wednesday, Dec 16 was Remy's Christmas program at school!

When she walked in with her class and saw us!

She did so good this year doing all the songs!

"Go Tell It On The Mountain" is still her favorite!

These 3 are apparently inseparable in school! Sweet girlfriends!

Then Remy had about enough of doing the songs.

Yep, that's Remy!

They called all the big kids who are previous students to sing the final song "Shout to the Lord." Rylie went up there and remembered the song :'(

Then we got some last-minute requests with Santa!

Friday, December 19 were BOTH girls' Christmas parties at school. Thankfully at different times!

Rylie's was in the morning. The class came back from specials to their classroom all decorated!

Giving her teacher her present

I got both of Rylie's teachers this Christmas ornament from Haiti and chocolate from a local fair trade store.

Love our Miss Barela!

Rylie's other teacher Miss Vaughan

Rylie got to play 1 game and make 1 craft and then we headed out early to catch Remy's party!

They did pizza first and Remy was a GIGGLE BOX!

Then they made the cutest craft!

And ornament with her picture!

They played musical chairs and each kid got a book.

Remy's sweet teachers!

I gave her teachers these little metal nativity ornaments from Haiti, also from the fair trade store.

And then we were officially on Christmas break!!

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