Friday, January 15, 2016

Christmas Day!!!

These photos are all kind of out of order!

The girls had the best Christmas ever!

Big Boy ornament from Ohio!

She REALLY wanted babushka dolls from Russia! Thank you Amazon prime for a last-minute gift find!

She really wanted a brown, stuffed animal horse. So random but she was in heaven to get it!
(Funny story, we were taking turns opening gifts and it was Remy's turn and I said "which one do you want to open next?" and she said "The one that's my brown stuffed animal horse." Haha!)

Remy was so sweet and decided on her own to get Rylie the other Grace, American Girl books.

A surprise gift hidden behind the tree! 
(That had been there since we put the tree up and neither of the girls ever noticed! Ha!)

Christmas at Mimi's house!

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