Thursday, January 14, 2016

Christmas Break and Christmas Eve

Monday, December 21 was our first day on break from school! I told the girl we would make Christmas cookies, but I woke up with horrible sinus infection. So I let them do some painting and make picture frames instead!

Rylie was being a big helper and wanted to make us lunch. Notice my pile of lettuce she gave me. Hehe

So finally Tuesday we make our Christmas cookies!

The girls were actually only interested for 5 minutes with putting ingredients in the bowl and then just wanted to play so I did it all by myself, which was nice actually.

Then we finally took the girls to look at Christmas lights!

Christmas Eve we woke to see Dina in her last place this year! Aww, she loves baby Jesus and is excited for his birthday too! 

The girls glued puzzle pieces on their picture frames to finish them.

Then our family went to our church's Christmas Eve candlelight service.

 Mimi and Gaga joined us again this year too!

Then we came back for dinner and the girls got to give Dina some love before she went back to the North Pole!

And Gaga read the girls "The Night Before Christmas" this year!

Putting out the reindeer food!

Then we set out cookies and milk for Santa and said Goodnight!

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