Saturday, December 31, 2016

2016 Recap

Wow has this year been a doozy!

In January,
we returned to our tradition of ice skating, taking Remy for the first time!

I hit the big 3-0 with a fun 20's theme party!

Rylie got a new 'do with bangs!

Our family went to Remy's preschool snow day event!

Rylie won her class Spelling Bee and took 4th in the entire grade!

In February,
I went back to work since becoming a SAHM 8 years ago!

Rylie got glasses

I worked my first cookie drop.

We had a sweet Valentines and discovered Asian is always a place where we can ALL find something to eat! (The girls discovered teriyaki chicken and Remy LOVES Chinese soup, as does Rylie)

We spent every week at the neurologist for our sweet girl

I coordinated and hosted a huge Girl Scout event with over 150 girls in attendance!

In March,
Rylie and I attended our first Girl Scout sleepover

We had a very green St. Patty's Day!

The girls were in a cute Easter play at church

We had a good Easter

They took up yoga

Rylie gave up something for lent for the first time, pizza.

In April,
Rylie and I attended Girl Scout camp weekend

And canoed there for the first time!

She had another art featured in a show locally.

Rylie started Swim Team

Had fun at Rylie's school carnival

In May,
David and I celebrated 9 years married!

Remy graduated from 3-4-5 Gymnastics class

We finished Girl Scouts with a bang lol

and sweet ceremony and then split our troop

In June,
We said goodbye to 2 sweet friends/neighbors who moved to other countries.

The girls started Summer Camp at the same place, for the first time ever they were both in one place!

I got my camp certification for Girl Scouts

Our neighborhood streets flooded

Rylie promoted to the next Sunday School class

David turned 36!

Rylie became an acolyte at church

Swim team ended 

In July,
We had another great week in Maine!

Rylie got her first mani/pedi

In August,
Both girls finally got their ears pierced!

David and I spent a weekend in Galveston without the girls!

Remy lost her first tooth!

Remy was accepted to the competitive Kinderstars Gymnastics class

The girls finished their fun Summer camp

Rylie started 3rd grade and Remy started Pre-K!

Our family saw a movie together for the first time!

In September,
Remy turned 5!

Rylie and I survived our first troop camp experience that was pretty rough lol

The girls and I had a special day meeting Simone Biles

And going to the Kelloggs Tour of Champions event where Simone and the rest of the Olympic team performed.

In October,
Rylie turned the big 9 with a Russian dinner party!

Rylie got 2nd place again in the community costume contest

Pumpkin patch!

Rylie and I attended another fun GS costume party!

Our family did a trunk for the first time for our church's Fall festival


In November,
Rylie started her own business selling emoji bookmarks. 

Remy competed in her first gymnastics meet!

Our family took a special trip on the Polar Express

In December,
Rylie started basketball

We hosted a party for our Sunday school class

I hosted another table for the Christmas tea

The girls performed in our church's Christmas program

Rylie performed in her school's drama play

Remy sang in her school's Christmas program

We went to our community Winterfest

The girls said bye to Dina for another year

We had a great Christmas!

Rylie cooked us dinner all by herself for the first time!

Overall, it was crazy, but not a terrible year for us. A huge thing is we kept to our resolution from last year to do more family things just the 4 of us and I'm so proud of us for that, even with me suddenly jumping back into work life, giving us less time for family outtings. I hope we can continue to make that a priority in 2017!