Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Rylie's Birthday, Cast Removal, Girl Scout Halloween Party!

My baby girl turned 8 October 19 and it was her first time to have her birthday on a school day!! She was kind of bummed about that, but she's been spoiled long enough not having to go to school on her birthday. 

We did have a special day though. We did an early breakfast at Dunkin Donuts before school!

Then dropped Rylie off!

Remy had school too, thankfully. So I got to have lunch at school with my birthday girl to myself!

She finally has a lunch time that's not in "fast food breakfast hours" so I told her I'd bring her anything she wanted and she wanted McDonalds nuggets lol

Then, that night for dinner she requested Asian City, a place we've been to ONCE and she loved tasting Daddy's soup that one time so that's what she requested!

After dinner, we picked up her cookie cake she wanted and came home for dessert!

Then she opened her presents!!

From Remy....

American Girl: Grace movie soundtrack

and tea cup set for her dolls

and the Grace beret!!

Oh and her favorite, a Crunch bar lol

Then we told her that was it, and did she have a good birthday.....letting her think that was all. She asked "is there a present from you guys (mommy and daddy?)" and we tried saying no that was all there was from all of us, waited a minute and then said "Wait, what's this bag over here?" Like we forgot one.

A big surprise present!

Her macaroon card!


She really wasn't expecting that for her birthday, she thought maybe Santa would bring her for Christmas and she kept saying "I can't believe I have Grace. Thank you so much for getting me Grace!"

Remy cracked me up. As soon as Rylie pulled out Grace, Remy exclaimed "Ugh! I thought I wanted Grace!" Then she raced up to get Leah to introduce her!

That Friday, October 23 was finally the day the cast was coming off!!


Little arm :)

SO SO glad to be done with that thing! Her arm was very sore and stiff when they took it off and she couldn't move it much that day.

That night was our Girl Scout Halloween party!

Presenting Madeline and Miss Clavell!

Our entire troop came!

They had so much fun eating, crafting, dancing....

I was wiped out after standing 3 hours in heels!! 

My mom arrived that night too because Rylie's birthday party was at our house the next day!

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