Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Rylie's "American Girl Grace Baking 8th Birthday Party"!

Rylie's 8th birthday party was definitely a work out! She told me in the Summer she wanted a Grace American Girl French Baking birthday party. Just saying that is a workout! lol

But we made it all work out for her and she was so excited and loved every second of it!

I found this Patisserie tray at HomeGoods and Rylie went ecstatic over it! Then I just used other things we already had, boxes from American Girl, and Grace items for extra decoration.

I mostly did red stars everywhere too to match the American Girl logo

Rylie wanted her friends to bring their dolls and have a "doll party" too so we had these tables set up with the goody bags for the girls to take home with their dolls. My goal was to not focus on the dolls, just have them drop them off at arrival and put all their goodies in their bag and get them as they left. That way any girl who didn't have an American Girl doll wouldn't feel left out or have any focus on who had what doll, etc. 

Did I remember to take a photo with all the dolls/animals at the table later on? No, I did not. :(

Rylie's new Grace sat at the head with a cupcake!

More red stars and bakery decorations in the kitchen

When the girls arrived and dropped of their doll, they made baking aprons in the dining room!

Then we started a "pin the hat on Grace" game I made while more girls arrived.

And did limbo with a red star baton!

Lots of laughs! Who knew 8 year old girls would love this so much? I just had it as a backup if we needed another filler activity. lol

Then it was pizza time!

Rylie also requested a veggie tray and applesauce so there were some healthy options too.

Then we played a Bingo game I made!

I found blank cards online and just found a bunch of pictures that had to do with Grace movie, Paris, and baking and made 13 cards all different!

I also made a word search fitting to the theme so if a girl won at Bingo, she'd have something to do while the others kept playing. A little tip I've learned being a Girl Scout leader for 3 years-always keep them busy!

(and we never needed these because they all ended up needing just 1 left to get a Bingo and finished at the same time lol so they go to take it home and do later)

Then the girls decorated a cupcake!

They each had 2 icing bags and lots of toppings choices in bowls to share.

Remy was so serious lol

Rylie's finished product. Oh my, girl!

We sang and ate our cupcakes

I had Walmart ones for the adults too.

And the nonstop rain didn't stop us from doing the pinata she wanted!

Group photo before everyone headed home!

And our neighbor friend couldn't make the party but stopped by later!

This party was definitely one of the most exhausting ones to put together, but so fun too! Glad it all finally worked out and was a success!

And thanks to Mimi and Gaga and Grandma for coming to share our girl's special day!

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