Tuesday, November 3, 2015

"Matilda" Theater Workshop and Show

Saturday, October 17 Rylie and I attended with some girls in our troop a Girl Scout theater workshop at Theater Under The Stars in Houston!

We were up in the founders club suite and first had a workshop where the girls earned a Girl Scout badge.

Then we went on a tour! This is voted the best view in Houston of the theater district!

We got to tour the stage area and hear tricks and tips of things from the shows.

"Theater Under the Stars" stars when you look up in the theater!

Looking down into the orchestra area

Rylie's sitting in former President Bush Sr's chair! He and his wife see every play that comes through here!

A behind the curtain look at backstage. Not sure if I was allowed to take that photo or not, honestly.

We got to tour all the dressing rooms and see all the costumes which was really cool! I wasn't allowed to take photos because Matilda is not owned by TUTS, it's a national tour and they don't have licenses with it.

There's a painted sign of every show that's been performed here and then the entire cast signs it when it's done. Here's Matilda's.

All the girls who attended the workshop at the end.

Then they all got to learn a cute dance to a song from the play.

Girls from our troop group picture!

Me and my girl

The other girls went home and Rylie and I had tickets for the 2pm show so we stayed and ate lunch at the theater bistro upstairs.

It was good food too!

Our view during lunch


The play was PHENOMENAL!!! Rylie and I both loved it even more than the movie and the book! We bought the soundtrack and have listened to it nonstop. If this show ever tours near you, GO SEE IT! Rylie's already asked if we can see it again if it comes back and I quickly said YES!


Anonymous said...

Looks like an awesome day! I've heard such good things about the show.

Anonymous said...

Sorry this is from Stefany!