Thursday, November 5, 2015

Everything Else Halloween 2015

I already blogged about Rylie's Girl Scout Halloween party, but here's the rest of our Halloween festivities that took place the last week in October!

Remy had a cute Halloween gymnastics class and picked her Strawberry Shortcake dress to wear!

Group photo! None of my action pictures turned out :(

Then we finally got pumpkin patch pictures since it stopped raining and Rylie's cast was off!

The girls were only semi-cooperative. Anyone else's kids never complain about the sun in their eyes until you try to take a photo of them? Just mine?

I got some cute ones still!

Necklaces from PrettyAsPie on Etsy. She's a friend of a friend who's blog I've read for years and started her own business this year. Follow her on Instagram for sales!

When did she get so grown up???

After photos I let them roam and pick out tiny pumpkins to bring home.

And there was a new play area at the patch this year!

They LOVED this!

Suddenly, Remy had some anger to get out lol

I was a little scared seeing her wack the heck out of that pumpkin lol

And now pumpkin patches from the past.....





and 2015

Friday, the 30th Remy had a cute Halloween party at her preschool. I made this video of all her activities there....

And a picture with her sweet teachers on our way out!


Elsa and Madeline!

This was the first year the girls weren't coordinating in any way and also, I didn't buy any costumes this year. I told them to pick something they already have to wear because I wasn't buying another costume and they were happy to wear these! So win win!

Mimi and Gaga came over for chili and cornbread dinner and then trick or treating with us!

Heading out!

Our candy set up we left at the house. I signed up as a house offering non-candy items for kids with allergies this year.

Pictures with neighbors first!

Our sweet neighbor Miss James

And "baby Ella" (as my girls will always call her no matter how old she gets) next door

Oh my gosh, after 4 houses we were already tired of the girls fighting over who got to ring the freaking door bell. So after that Mommy or Daddy got to ring the bell.    :)

Rylie ran into some friends from school down the street

Really decorated house!

After hitting every house, we came home to check out the loot. Course this girl only wanted SUCKERS! lol

We had another great Halloween!

And we had a ton of leftover candy, so I made these for Rylie's teachers! They loved them since they don't have kids that went trick or treating!

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