Friday, November 27, 2015

All The Thanksgivings!

The week before Thanksgiving break was filled with turkey celebrations!!

Tuesday, Nov 17th Remy had a cute Thanksgiving-themed gymnastics class.

Then we changed her into clothes and went to Rylie's feast at school!

They were so cute in line holding hands all on their own :)

Rylie's teacher

Girl Scout buddy we sat with!

This picture more accurately depicts these girls lol

My sweet girls

On our way out we saw a familiar face (bottom left) on the Veterans Day wall of honor, my brother. Rylie took it to school to present to her class.

Then Friday, November 20, I ducked out of MOMSnext a little early for Remy's feast at her preschool!

It was done a little differently this year. I felt kind of rushed and the dessert room cleared out fast! I was glad I grabbed Remy a pumpkin pie on my way in because when I went back to get me one, it was all gone!

Love their sweet table settings each year!

Yum yum!

Finally getting her pie! She's been on a big pumpkin pie kick lately!

Love this little tot!

We had another great Thanksgiving this year!

They've grown so much since last year!

Side by side comparison!

My favorite thing to do Thanksgiving morning is watch the parade. I get so excited, I cry. Seriously. I don't know why, but I love watching every float! 

The girls loved dancing to all the performances!

And they went NUTS when "Chippy" the Elf on the Shelf arrived!!

Almost to the finale.....

Here he comes!!! EEEEK!

It's SANTA!!! 

It's ridiculous how giddy I get at this parade each year! lol Never lose that childlike faith, my friends! :)

After the parade, my mom did some turkey crafts with the girls while we finished cooking!

Tom is ready!

Crescent rolls, anyone? :)

The table is set!

Time to eat!

My favorite memory is when we went around the table and said what we're thankful for. Remy blew us all away by saying she's thankful for everyone in her family and everyone who takes good care of her. Cue the tears! Sweetest thoughts from a 4 year old.

And a sweet ending to our night!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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