Monday, October 19, 2015

Rylie is 8!!!!

Somehow this sweet, precious girl turned 8 years old today!!!!

to my sweet girl Rylie Paige!!!

We love you more than anything and can't believe how much you've grown and love you more and more each day!

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Past Month-momcon, Rylie's arm, Remy's leg, and more...

This past month.....

I attended MOMCON again Sep 16-20 in Indianapolis, IN.

I had fun and met some great people like Margaret Feinberg,

Matt Maher

Mathew West 

We enjoyed the city too.

 I took a lot of photos, so if you want to see more,
Click here for all my MOMCON photos.

While I was at MOMCON, this happened

Rylie broke her arm at school. It was just a freak accident. She was running and tripped and fell on it hard.

David was awesome handling everything while I was away. I cannot tell you how stressed and hard it was for me to be gone during that!

I brought these shirts home for the girls and bought myself one that says "My husband rocks."

After 8 days in the splint, Rylie finally got a cast put on!
And Daddy was the first to sign it!

On top of that, Remy has had a horrible infection from a mosquito bite she got back in August. It grew into a boil and we drained it 3 times at home. It grew back again. She's now been to the Dr 5 times, seen 3 different docs, has had 6 shots, been cut open 2 times, and is now on her 4th prescription for it. It's not staph, it's just a weird bacteria that got in there and refuses to go away.

Hopefully this 4th medication kicks it for good and surgery won't be required!

Click here to see Remy's leg infection-warning might be graphic for you.

It's been a little rough the past month. Rylie was invited to a friend's swimming party and we tried bagging her cast.

 I also didn't know before how hard it is to bathe a child with a cast! Especially on the arm! Takes a lot longer and I'm just so done with the cast. At least her doll has a matching one! Ha!

Rylie can only wear big shirts and leggings to school because it's the only thing that's easy for her to use the restroom with 1 arm. It's felt a lot like having a newborn again this past month with the help she needs.

I finally managed to get Fall put up!

Rylie's school had a spirit night last week and Rylie's teacher was working at it so she begged me to take them. She's really doing great this year and loves 2nd grade! It's our favorite year so far!

The girls got out some Fall wardrobe for church on Sunday and then Monday was a school holiday so I took the girls to the movies. 

It was Remy's first movie to go to! She did SO GOOD! I was so proud of her. And baby girl loves her some movie theater popcorn, I discovered! She ate so much of it lol She's also too little to sit in a chair by herself because it kept closing up on her so she sat in my lap most of the time. It was a fun outting with my girls and they loved the movie.

We've also just had the usual church activities, Girl Scouts, MOMSnext, school homework, and birthday prep for Rylie's 8th birthday and party next week!

Hopefully Rylie gets her cast off next Fri 10/23 and Remy's leg infection will go away for good and I can get to updating this more often again!

Click here for more pictures from this past month.