Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The last weeks of Summer!

The Saturday after we got back from Ohio, I took Remy to a birthday party for a boy who was in her class at school last year.

She was the only girl and had no problem making herself at home in the boy's older sister's playroom!

Toodles made an appearance for the scavenger hunt!

Remy's favorite part :)

And it didn't matter that every kid abandoned their cupcake and ice cream to go play. Baby girl was going to finish every last bite of hers, even if it meant sitting alone!

Hot dog dance at the end!

Cutie pies before church Sunday, August 16!

Tuesday, August 18 Remy's gymnastics started back for the school year.

Arm muscles!

I attempted to take a photo at the end in one of her new leotards. Girl grew some inches this Summer!

Thursday, August 20 was Rylie's "meet the teacher" at her school!

So many nerves leading up to this! The past 2 years were hard on all of us, especially Rylie. We really hope this is a good year and we have a good fit for a teacher!

Her new 2nd grade homeroom! She will have 2 teachers this year and so far we like them!

Sunday, August 23 was "blessing of the backpacks" at our church!

Kids went up to the front alter by age group and the pastor and children's director prayed over each child by name.

Such a sweet thing our little church does. Rylie was nervous if she changed backpacks this year, it wouldn't be "blessed" lol We'll have to be sure to bring any new backpack she might get up and have the Pastor pray over it if/when that time comes lol

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