Wednesday, September 2, 2015


So my little Rylie roo is now in 2nd grade! I can't believe it! Sounds so much more "big girl" to me.

I surprised her with a new book the night before her first day.

She read to Remy that night.

Then we tucked her in one last time before an "official" 2nd grader!

Obligatory first day of school photos that morning!

And cue the tissues!! :'(

Seriously, she's a teenager all of a sudden!

I got cookies for teachers again. TWO teachers this year!

Walking into her school!

We have another new Principal this year! Hopefully our last and we met her when we walked in.

Stopped at her afternoon teacher's class first to drop off her cookie treat and get a photo.

Then to her homeroom! Her teacher was so excited for the cookie treat!

(and this was the first teacher to send home a thank you note for them!)

Her desk! No more "cutesy" classroom in 2nd grade!

Remy was excited for big sister!

One last look before heading out.....

David had to head to work so Remy and I stopped for donuts and coffee after drop off.

So far Rylie LOVES 2nd grade! We started homework this week and so far it's less than the mountain we had last year. But it's still the beginning so we'll see if it's more later on. Rylie loves both her teachers so far and is doing really well. We do car-line drop off in the morning and she rides the bus home with a street full of friends! She loves it! (And so do I! Remy still gets to nap! Ha!)

Oh and I want to add, one morning I was dropping Rylie off and she randomly said that when Remy starts Kinder there, she will walk her to her classroom after drop off every morning. Heart officially melted. 

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