Friday, September 4, 2015

Remy's Meet the Teacher & 1st Day of Preschool 3!

Friday, Aug 28 was Remy's meet the teacher and orientation for parents.

This was one of my favorite shirts of Rylie's so I had to take photos of Remy in it. Total "blast from the past" moment for me.

Remy insisted on taking "Strawberry Shortcake" (her backpack) with us, even though she didn't need it.

We sat through chapel and then went to her class and met her 2 sweet new teachers! She was being so shy at first! She doesn't know a single kid in her class this year, but we're excited still!

Monday, Aug 31 was Remy's first day of her preschool!

We switched to MWF this year and I'm so excited about that! We had a long Summer with both girls home full time (besides VBS and arts camps). It was good to get back into a routine!

And I'm just going to start calling August "The Torture Mommy Month"!

I mean, seriously. I had to double-check I didn't put Rylie's photo in that 3rd spot! Is she really this big already?

Walking into her sweet little school!

She kept wondering where the church bells were. She's obsessed with church bells from hearing them at school pickup last year!

She's in the Monkey class this year! Fitting, I think!

She found her name cubby right away and found the letters for her name when she walked in.

One more picture with Mommy!

She kinda held onto my arm like she was deciding if she should be upset about me leaving or not. Then she went off to play and I snuck out. This year was definitely the easiest "first days" for both girls. It didn't even really feel like Rylie's first day was a big deal this year since it's nothing new and Remy's so much older now and not having separation anxiety. Hoping this whole year is as smooth as first days were!

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