Monday, September 14, 2015

Remy is FOUR!!!

Somehow this teeny tiny baby turned 4 last Wednesday!

{coming home from hospital}

And the most exciting thing about turning 4 is TWO vitamins each morning now!

We left early Wed for a special breakfast at our local DD before Rylie had school.

Remy's favorite, pumpkin is in stock now!

After Rylie school drop off, we came home and I did Remy's nails!

It's one of her favorite things to do! I put Jamberry on her fingers and painted her toes.

Then we headed out for some special birthday fun! 

With Leah, of course!

Our first stop was Mudpie for painting!

I gave her several options and all she wanted was a plain plate to paint and put her handprint and 
R-E-M-Y on! So that's what she did!

Finished product!!
{well, we have to pick it up after they glaze and fire it then it'll be finished!}

Our next stop was Gigi's cupcakes to pick up treats for after dinner!

Then we had some time to kill so we stopped by the library!

We found a movie and some books for Rylie too!

Then we headed to meet friends for lunch!

Remy's friend Kate met us and I forgot a picture again this year. They ate and played their hearts out! 

Remy also got to go "backstage" at CFA and make her own ice cream bowl! So that was a big deal to her.

No nap took place on her birthday, of course! Rylie came home from school and there was playing and when Daddy came home it was time for dinner!

We tried taking some birthday pictures first.

Silly girl!

Remy's choice for dinner was Denny's and mac n cheese! Of course!

Then we came home for cupcakes and presents!

Rylie couldn't WAIT to give Remy the gift she got her!

Reading little sister her card...

I love the look on Remy's face here!

She said "Look Leah! It's just what I wanted!"

"Nail styling" chair for Leah!

Then she closed her eyes while Daddy brought out her gift from us!

A new big girl bike!

Daddy had to tighten the training wheels first and she was so cute sitting by him asking if she could help!

Then we let her test it out for a few minutes outside! 

She did great on it!

Cupcake time!

It's fun being 4!

Rylie really wanted to see how happy Remy was playing with her toy she got her, so we let Remy open it and play a few minutes before bed.

Doesn't Leah have the life or what?! lol

Friday 9/11/15 Remy had early drop off at school and she cried her first time a week ago but this week had no tears!

Such a big girl!!

Then my MOPS and MOMSnext group started back!

Can't believe this is my 6th year here! {3rd year on leadership} 

Looking forward to returning to MOMCON again this week!!!!

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