Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Labor Day Weekend!

Backing up to last Thursday, first. Rylie's Girl Scout troop had their first meeting this year!

Rylie was so excited to finally wear her Brownie vest! And Remy told me to lay out her "tagalong" shirt. She's very particular about wearing it at EVERY Girl Scout event she goes to with big sister.

Friday, we kicked off our weekend with dinner at Chuy's!

 It felt like it'd been forever since our family went out for dinner. It was nice!

Saturday morning we went to a birthday party!

Remy enjoyed the little kiddie pool!

And big sister loved the giant water slide with friends!

Of course, Remy did lots of this too!

And we all enjoyed some cake and ice cream!

I thought this was so sweet. Little sister just walked up and sat on big brother's lap while he opened his gifts and he thought nothing of it, gave her a kiss and carried on. Sweetest siblings!

After nap time, the girls played with their "army men" they got in their favor bags.

They called it "playing bad guys" and were so cute.

Saturday afternoon we went to a friend's house for dinner and swimming!

My girls LOVED their big kiddie pool!

There was even a time when all the other kids went inside and were done swimming, but my 2 were still out there going strong. I had to pry them away at 7pm!

So while grocery shopping Sunday, we found one for ourselves and busted it out on Labor Day Monday!

The girls were SO EXCITED!! Lots of screaming was heard! :D

They had so much fun splashing around and Remy's favorite thing is to run across the yard and jump in real big. Rylie kept doing "cannon balls" into it. 

We had Mimi and Gaga over for dinner since they were bringing Rylie home from a sleepover. I made this yummy salmon in the oven with pasta salad and sauteed squash and zucchini.

Then for dessert we had a full on ice cream bar celebrating Blue Bell's return and savoring what's really the "last day of Summer."

Rylie's sundae

Remy's never too far away from her Gaga :)

Mimi's "Fall-looking" sundae!

We were back to the grind this Tuesday morning. I was so bummed our local store didn't have pumpkin coffee creamer. I actually spoke to the manager, because the past 3 years now they haven't had it in stock until way into October! I've seen it in other stores but only when I'll be out for awhile and not going straight home so I haven't been able to buy it yet.

I improvised this morning. Wasn't as good, but it was ok.

Remy had gymnastics this morning and wanted to bring Leah again in her leotard.

She's developed a fear of the high beam suddenly so I was surprised they got her to walk on it.

The teacher said it's probably from the growth spurt she had this Summer. She's figuring out how her longer body is now and the view probably changed.

Then her class sang Happy Birthday to her!

Sweet Miss Dena!

I've been crying all day over the fact that Remy is turning 4 tomorrow!!! FOUR! It just seems like such a big number. AND Rylie was this age when Remy was born. So now I have this weird feeling like I don't know how to have a 4 year old without a baby too! Maybe I'm the only one who's felt this emotional reaching this moment, but it's been hard on me today! I've been kissing on those Remster cheeks all day. My last day with my 3 year old baby.    :'(

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