Thursday, September 3, 2015

Back to School Playdate

With big sister back in school, 

little tot and I decided to have a "back to school" themed play date on Tues, Aug 25!

I've always loved this idea for a play date and couldn't help myself doing a tablescape for it.

My first attempt at drawing a chalkboard sign!

We had small breakfast foods and juice.

And coffee station of course!

And set out specific toys for each age/gender.

And books related to school!

I printed back to school color pages too.

Remy was eagerly awaiting her friends' arrivals!

 I feel bad I've never hosted a playdate for Remy before. I used to have Rylie's friends over all the time when she was little. So I was glad this worked out and Remy could play with some buddies before everyone started back on different preschool schedules. Sadly, we won't get to see most of these guys much after preschools start.

After snacking and playing, we did a Fall craft together!

Apple stamp trees!

Then we played more while the crafts dried.

Everyone left right before lunch and I fed Remy, cleaned up the little mess there was and put her down for nap. First play date for Remster was definitely a success!

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