Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Arya's Party & Remy's Birthday at School

Rylie's girl scout buddy had a cute swimming party in September.

And before my mom headed back to Waco after Remy's birthday party, she got to attend chapel with Remy at her preschool!

I don't know what this serious look is all about! lol

Singing Happy Birthday on stage!

It was also her picture day and here's the proof from it.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Remy's Gymnastics Birthday Party

Remy had a super fun birthday party at her gymnastics place Saturday afternoon!!

It was Rylie's idea to use her doll gymnastics set as decoration!

Also, note the milk cartons. Remy requested milk to drink for her party with cake. So cute.

The favors, jump ropes!

Table set up in Remy's favorite colors.

A medal for each guest.

I wasn't too crazy about how the cake turned out and had some "mom guilt" over not making it. I made all of Rylie's first 5 birthday cakes and planned to for Remy too but I just had no time for this one. 

Remy requested "cake with stickers" and went with me to Walmart and picked a round cake and these colors. The person who did the writing should find a new job lol I printed and cut out the gymnastics images that matched the invite.

Rylie was so excited to do some gymnastics! 

A neighbor handed down one of her daughter's leotards just last week and Rylie was ecstatic to wear it to the party!

Some photos of guests!

I wish I'd captured "the hug" that took place when Remy saw her friend from school!

Yelling Happy Birthday to Remy!

They started to play "freeze dance" and Remy's never been crazy about the game but she's always played it. She started crying at her party though and really did NOT want to play it. I felt bad, I should've told the workers not to play that game but the other kids were excited so Remy was happy to sit with me and watch. Even Daddy got in on it!

Rylie was the winner! 

My favorite photo of her on the bars! She LOVES the bars so much and this is just perfect!

So is this! :)

Time for cake!

Singing to our girl!

She quickly knew what to do!

She has declared this her best birthday party ever!

Grandaddy and Deedee came for our girl!

And Mimi and Gaga!

And Grandma!

When we got home and had dinner, Remy wanted to open her presents

I'm just posting the best pictures of her opening. She got a lot of cute things from her friends!

And this was her top thing she's been asking for the past few weeks after seeing it in Walmart! This girl has never asked or begged for something, but she would not stop asking about this wheelchair for her doll, Leah!

Poor Leah has had a "broken leg" all week now! lol

Playing with Remy's new doll things so cute!

Remy had the best birthday week! Thank you everyone who helped make her 4th birthday special! She loves you all!