Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Swimming, End of Gymnastics, A New Park

Sunday, July 26 the girls both sang in church, Remy's first time to sing with the big kids!
They sang in both services and I videoed both.

Proud of both my girls, but really extra surprised Remy did so well! The rehearsals weren't as good ;)

This is kind of a funny story. Last week, Rylie was having listening struggles and after going to timeout again I sent her to her room and told her she had to sit on her bed and couldn't do anything. She kept whining she was bored so I told her she could read her Bible. I looked over on the monitor and saw her with Bible in lap and thought what a good listener she is, good job Rylie.

Then I heard the sound of her LeapPad and realized it was in her Bible, hidden from the camera monitor. Sneaky, sneaky stinker!

Last week I took the girls to our pool with friends for a few hours!

And look what Rylie can do now! 

She's swimming on her own!

We don't go to the pool enough to pay a fortune for swim lessons just to have to repeat them again every summer. That's ridiculous to me. Maybe if we had our own pool and the girls needed survival training. But it only took 2 summers of barely going for her to get this on her own and I couldn't be more proud! Now she wants to do swim team next spring. Oh goodness, help me! Every Saturday morning at the crack of dawn and 2 nights a week for months. We'll see!

Fun afternoon with friends!

Last Tuesday was Remy's last gymnastics this Summer. She'll start back this Fall though.

So all Summer Rylie's been coming to watch her class and has begged for snacks out of the vending machine. I kept telling her no and the week before I told her if she wanted something, she should've brought her own dollar from home. So that night she wrote herself a reminder note and put 2 dollar bills with it on her dresser and waited all week to use them!

Finally got her fruit snacks!

So when I saw she had set out 2 dollar bills, I said to Rylie "You only need to bring 1. Two treats is too much before dinnertime." And she responded "Well, what about Remy?" And my heart just melted. It was an immediate natural thought of her to grab another dollar bill for her to buy Remy a treat too, even though Remy's never asked for anything and didn't even realize the vending machine was there!

I'm so PROUD of this sweet big sister!!! She just has the kindest, most thoughtful, caring, and considerate little heart that I love more than anything!

Last Thursday our family went for a little drive in the evening and checked out this new little playground on the lake. It had some cool, new things that the girls loved!

Modern merry-go-round!

I dared David to do the "Titanic" pose lol

It was such a nice, cool evening and fun little outting with our family!

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