Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Painting Workshop, Donut Fun, and Jacie's Birthday

I can't believe almost 2 weeks has passed since I blogged. I didn't realize how much we've done these past 2 weeks until I uploaded pictures today!

Two weeks ago, Rylie went to a painting workshop at a local place. She was SO excited!

I dropped her off for a few hours with a lunch and picked her up that afternoon to see her masterpiece!

She was thrilled to do an Eiffel tower!

Later that day Remy returned to gymnastics (she hadn't been in 2 weeks because of our Maine trip).
I caught this on my cell phone. She's been doing really good handstands and sometimes goes all the way over!

The next day Remy had another gymnastics to do her makeup she missed while in Maine. When the girls got home, they kept doing more gymnastics (despite my constantly telling them our house is not a gym) and Rylie hurt her knee.

Remy was so sweet and pulled up a chair to be next to her.

Friday, July 24 I took the girls to a "decorate a donut" event at Dunkin Donuts.

They picked their frosting and sprinkles and went to town!

We were at our own table in the corner so you can't tell from these photos, but the place was packed!

Frosting was definitely sampled throughout the "decorating!"

Everyone got a kick out of how precise my girls were, especially Rylie with the decorating.

Finished products!

Wait, Remy wanted to add a few more touches.

And now it's good to go!

That weekend I took Rylie to her friend's birthday party at Build A Bear. 
Sweet church friends!

Party group!

Cake time!

This was Rylie's card she drew that morning for her friend.

After the party, I surprised Rylie with a movie! She picked "Inside Out."

We both teared up to it. She doesn't want to grow up and be too old for her toys.

Remy got a new "I love gymnastics" shirt on a recent shopping trip and was decked out so cute with her jewels!

We're enjoying the last weeks of Summer!

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