Friday, August 7, 2015

Back to School Haircuts!!

Saturday, August 1st we surprised Rylie with a special treat! We just happened to be in the neighborhood while on our way to get haircuts and had to stop in for a moment!

Rylie finally got to try a real macaroon!

She's been obsessed and curious about them since the new American Girl movie came out and has asked me countless times to make them.

We tried rose, honey lavender, hazelnut (my fav), and chocolate!

Rylie loved them all, of course but honey lavender I think was her favorite!

Then we headed over to get both girls back-to-school haircuts!

And this happened....

I started tearing up when she first started cutting.

Rylie made this decision on her own, and I'm so proud of her! I had doubts about her going through with it, worried she wouldn't like it after, but she stood her ground and gave me several reasons backing up her decision and convinced us to go for it.

And this smile on her face!

She LOVES her new haircut!

And Remster was excited for a haircut too! It's one of her favorite things and loves to pretend haircut at home (with her fingers, we keep scissors hidden!)

She just got a good trim to even it all out and it's much thicker now!

Looking so cute for church the next morning! And also looking like she's headed to high school :(

Rylie spent Remy's naptime one afternoon making a new paper scooter to "ride" in the house. 

She has scooted on this thing so much too! I love how she wears her helmet even for the paper one lol

And I made my first shrimp dish for dinner this week!

It was so good too!

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