Monday, August 31, 2015


Saturday in Ohio, the girls helped Aunt Michelle make some cookies because family was coming over to hang out later!

Grandma helped the girls use the mixer and they were so excited and thought they were big stuff getting to do everything themselves!

It's a shame Chris didn't like playing with the girls :)

We had lunch in the backyard and everyone just hung out and the girls made smores!

This bunny hangs out in my Aunt's backyard every day.

The cookies the girls made were good!

Remy showed them some of her gymnastics.

And my cousin Chris showed the girls how to juggle. 

My aunt Dee was sweet and brought the girls a lot of bubbles and 2 balls to play with too. (We fit them in their suitcases and brought them home and when we unpacked, Remy set the bubbles aside and said "I'll save these for later." lol)

My grandparents finally got to meet my girls and husband! My girls are the first great-grandchildren they've been able to meet in person!

My 4 generation photo!

No idea what we were laughing at.....

Love the girls' expressions here....

Rylie with my Aunt Dee and my cousins Andrew and Mariah

Chris had a friend from school come over and they were sitting by the fire talking and Remy just walked over and plopped herself down between them like she was one of the big kids! They were sweet and didn't mind :)

Sunday, we ventured out to show the girls a couple of lighthouses nearby!!

Fairport Harbor lighthouse and museum attached

View of Fairport Harbor West Breakwater Light

We got to climb up inside the first lighthouse and Remy was SO EXCITED! She's still too short to go in all the ones in Maine so this was her first lighthouse to see inside of!

LOVED being at the top of it!!

View from lighthouse

Rylie, on the other hand, made it almost halfway up and then had a total panic attack and burst into tears and I had to carry her down. She's gone up the ones in Maine several times, but this past Summer was more scared than usual. She's developed a big fear of heights this year apparently.

She was really upset about it. Uncle Al was sweet to comfort her. It was hard for her being torn between wanting to go up the lighthouse, but being so afraid of it.

Here's what she was afraid of....the stairs. She thought she would fall through the gaps between each step because she's taller this year and as she goes up, those gaps are right in front of her and all she sees as she goes up. (This angle's hard to tell, but those gaps are pretty wide when looking straight at them)

Looking up into the top of the lighthouse

Back in the museum, Remy got a ribbon that said she climbed to the top!

And she got to ring the bell!

Family lighthouse photo!

Then we went to lunch to the girls' new favorite place, Big Boy again!

I mean, you put a statue of a creepy little man in front and who knew it'd attract kids there so much! Ha! Move over, Chick-fil-A cow! lol

Then we headed back to the National Park because Rylie finished her junior ranger book when we visited the other day and wanted to turn it in and get the patch.

She also got a junior ranger pin.

The ranger let her wear his hat to say the pledge!

Saying the junior ranger pledge.

And right at this moment I took this photo, Remy ran behind me around the corner and pulled the fire alarm!

It was the LOUDEST alarm I'd ever heard. Then 2 other park rangers came out of no where (seriously, the place was empty, no clue where they were hiding) and were all ready for an emergency at hand and I explained to them my 3 yr old pushed the giant red button that said "do not push" and she can't read lol So they had to call it in, yada yada and get it turned off.

Then finally, Rylie could finish and is now a Junior Ranger for Cuyahoga Valley National Park!

Next, we checked out a house we're buying so we can visit Ohio all the time. Don't be jealous ;-)

Just needs a little work done inside.

Can't wait to move in! Hehe!

Then we drove by my elementary school to show the girls where I went to Kindergarten and this huge hill is a popular sledding hill in the winter. 

See the white and red dots in the middle? That's Chris, Rylie, and Remy burning off energy running down and up it!

Then we drove by my old house. 

I remember walking up this driveway to check the mail and getting the letter that said I would be in afternoon Kinder. They had morning or afternoon Kinder and I got on the bus from my babysitter's house every afternoon after my nap for school and got home right before dinner.

And not far down the road we stopped by my Grandparents' house to see them one more time.

I took this photo with them 10 years ago at their 50th wedding anniversary,

and recreated the same photo this year knowing this could very well be the last time I see them. Who knows.

I just wanted to remember this view from the front of their house. I remember it from when I was little.

That night the girls were tucked in and I checked on them before going to bed and saw this.

Remy had her hand out on Rylie, just had to touch her to know she was there beside her. My heart bursts looking at this photo.

Monday was the day we headed back home. My aunt and uncle dropped us off at the airport and we said our goodbyes. We got all checked in and waiting for our airplane and then they announced they'd have to change flights for everyone because of a huge storm in Chicago and no planes were coming in or going out there. We were supposed to fly there to change planes. So they couldn't get us on any other flight Monday and earliest would be 6am Tuesday at the other Ohio airport.

Not even Superman could get us home :(

Thankfully I got Remy to fall asleep and nap in her stroller while we waited for my aunt and uncle to come back and get us.

They drove us the hour to the other airport in the rain and we saw a beautiful rainbow.

We got a hotel room at the airport and for our troubles, they gave us a huge discount, thankfully! We got the girls some comfort food from the hotel restaurant-mac n cheese and pbj and turned on Disney Channel. They thought this was the coolest thing and such an adventure! Rylie kept saying "My wish came true! We're not leaving Ohio!" Ha!

We got to the airport super early and found some Ohio shirts in Ohio State colors! Remy insisted on wearing hers right away!

Finally, at 6am Tuesday morning we were on a plane headed home!

We had smooth flights home and arrived about 9:30am our time. We grabbed a few grocery items and came home, gave the girls some "lunch" and put them down for naps where I napped too! We had such a great time in Ohio but we were ready to be home for the last 2 weeks of Summer break!