Monday, July 20, 2015

More Maine!!

Friday, July 3 was our 3rd day in Maine and we had breakfast at the Cupboard Cafe in a log cabin house!

These homemade cinnamon rolls are a hot commodity! Remy got one of the last ones and she was so excited about her cinnamon roll!

Rylie was excited about her pancakes on their way.

After breakfast we drove to Bath for the Heritage Festival.

Both girls wanted to "jump" SO BAD!

They both had a blast!

They're favorite!

Then we got some tickets for the rides and up first was the big slide!

The girls flew some helicopters!

And David rode his favorite carnival ride, the Zipper!

Obstacle course!

There was a neat looking Wizard of Oz maze that Rylie loved.

At the end was this spinning pink tunnel to walk across.

Remy was scared of it :( But Rylie helped her across and she was fine!

Bumper cars! Rylie is SCARY behind the wheel! HA!

Gaga and Rylie on the ferris wheel!

And Remy's favorite, the carousel!

We had 1 more ticket so Rylie got to do the big slide again. Shhh! Don't tell Remy! Hehe!

Love her big smile!

Then we cooled off with some sno cones!

When we got back to the cottage, we headed to the lobster pound for dinner! Sadly, it's under new ownership and they removed the playground that used to be here :(

 There was still some sand the girls loved playing in though)

Then our dinners arrived!

Still haven't convinced my girls to try some lobster yet lol

My 1 time a year I eat lobster and it's the best!

After dinner we drove down to the beach and the sun was so beautiful!

The girls found a couple of toys people left behind and had a ball playing!


Remy loved digging in the holes people left behind.

Rylie and I walked around looking for seashells and found some jellyfish! She actually thought one was a giant seashell and started to pick it up and was shocked at the jelly feel of it! Then she was scared from it, but it wasn't the stinging part she touched so she was fine.

Probably my favorite picture :)

Saturday, the 4th of July!

The girls hung out around the house with Mimi while David, Craig, and I drove around in Newcastle.

David and Craig watched this show on YouTube and we drove by the farm.

A historical dam site.

Then a visit to Oxbow Brewery

We went in a fascinating antique shop that used to be the town general store in 1890! I found this beautiful china set for such a good deal and it's estimated to be from 1900-1920's!

Now we need to have friends over for lunch and a tea party!

After dinner, we headed out to the fireworks spot.
Present day and the girls' in 2012, Remy's first trip.

We kept ourselves busy while waiting for the fireworks (we were very early to get good seats!)

David took these and I have no idea what Remy's doing! lol I just found these on the camera.

More silliness after they settled in their seats!

Our view of Damariscotta

Almost time!

My mom sent the girls a ton of glow bracelets/necklaces and they wore them all!


Another great fireworks show!

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