Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Maine's Acadia National Park!

Monday, July 6 we drove 3 hours out to Acadia National Park!

We've heard nothing but recommendations and great things there so we finally made the trip!

Our first stop was the visitor center so Rylie could get her Junior Ranger program book. There was this neat mini display of the entire park in the center.

Our first stop was the top of Cadillac Mountain!

Pictures don't do this justice! The most beautiful place I've ever seen!

Remy wasn't cooperating for photos....again lol

Then we drove down the mountain and had a picnic lunch!

This tickled me. My first real picnic lunch! There was even a big picnic ant that kept crawling on our tablecloth. I tried taking a photo of him but he wouldn't be still lol It just isn't a picnic without a picnic ant!

Then Rylie had a Junior Ranger class where she learned about the history of the park and it's French roots. I actually learned a lot too!

Getting her program signed off! She had to complete 5 activities in the book as well as the class to earn the ranger patch.

Then she wanted to go on a hike!

We went up Jesup path trail looking for a family of owls everyone talked about. No luck finding them.

But we found some cool hiking sticks!

And we left them on the trail for others to use when we walked back.

We stopped in the gift shop and the ranger did the oath with Rylie and she earned her Junior Ranger award!

So excited! She can't wait to tell her Girl Scout friends about it!

A view of Egg Rock Light Station

We drove around the park and walked down to Thunder Hole.

It's a popular tourist stop. We came at low tide too.

Water rushes in here during high tide and splashes straight up soaking everyone.

Can't get over the scenery!

Then we drove over to Jordan Pond. Remster crashed on the way.

We had some yummy snacks at the Jordan Pond House!

Famous popovers!

And Jordan Pond itself!

On our way out, Rylie said she wanted her photo taken on the giant rock.

And Remy wanted to copy lol

One last stop at another gift shop so Rylie could get her Junior Ranger hat!

This was seriously the highlight of a lot of our's trip this year! Loved the National Park and our entire day there!

Saw this cutie on our way out of the park.

We made a stop to see another lighthouse in the area too.

Remy hugged it right away.

Bass Harbor light house and a "pirate ship" according to our Junior Ranger :)

Beautiful scenes on our drive back home!

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Looks like y'all had an amazing time!