Sunday, July 19, 2015


We got back from another great week in Maine a week and a half ago!! But we hit the ground running ever since and haven't stopped a minute to upload pictures until now!

To say the girls were excited about counting down until the trip is an understatement!

For the record, this was the first year Remy pulled her own suitcase! Big girl!

Taking off!

Made it!

We arrived in the afternoon and Remy just couldn't make it to Mimi and Gaga's cottage! Love how her thumb's mid-air while she's conked out hard.

Mimi's birthday was a couple days before our trip, so we brought her gift up there.

Apple pie and ice cream for dessert on our first night in Maine!!

The next morning, the girls were cute in their lobster jammies and Remy's little lobster made the trip with us too.

We did a little swinging and badminton in the morning.

Then we drove to Rockland!

This was a great lighthouse museum that Rylie especially loved!

Rylie completed a little scavenger hunt throughout the museum.

We saw the Rockland Harbor lighthouse.

Then we headed over to Owl's Head and hiked along the trail to it.

And up the many stairs to the lighthouse!

Owl's Head lighthouse in Rockland. Such a cute little bitty one!

With beautiful views!

Everything can be used for gymnastics with Remy!

When we got back I wanted some pictures of the girls in their pretty dresses!

I can't believe how big Rylie's getting! And tall!

We ended the night with some smores! Our girls love doing smores, even though Remy won't eat chocolate. lol Just something about roasting marshmallows that they love!

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