Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Maine Continued.....

Sunday we hit up the lighthouse for lunch!

Taking photos of the girls this entire trip was not always easy this year!

We had a picnic right by the lighthouse and it was awesome weather.

The sun was in their eyes everywhere we went!

Family photos!

I took this photo of Remy jumping by accident. She photo-bombed my shot lol

So pretty!

Rylie and I went up the lighthouse this year.

View from the top!

And waving hello to below!

This was the first year Rylie got scared going up in the lighthouse (even though it was her 3rd time to do it!)

Remy meditating lol

Farewell lighthouse!!

Then we went back to the house and got ready for the beach!!

I wanted pictures taken of Remy just like I took of Rylie at her age. The dunes have changed in 5 years!

The girls were so excited to be at the beach! It's one of their top things they want to do in Maine!

Taking a break to warm up a little!

Mimi and Gaga

Back at digging in the sand!

Remy was a little scared (and cold) of the water so Gaga carried her.

Rylie didn't care it was cold at all!

They were sitting next to each other and the water rose up and got them and Remy didn't like it!

Rylie does this every year :)

It sprinkled a little here and there but didn't phase these girls! Remy kept sitting with us then playing some more. She also loved wearing her goggles for no reason!

Heading out after another fun visit at the beach!

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