Friday, July 24, 2015

Splash Pad, VBS, GS things, and more!

The morning after we got home from Maine, I had Bible Study and after lunch/nap I surprised the girls with a visit to our new splash pad!

It was great, I sat in the shade reading my book for book club and the girls ran around for over 2 hours!

We got home and got baths and had a pizza picnic in the living room and watched Grace (again!)

Friday we had lunch/playdate with friends and I forgot to take any photos!

Saturday, Rylie had a Girl Scout event get cancelled that she was really bummed about. We also had a double birthday party for friends!

Rylie did this giant water slide for 2 hours straight! Remy just wanted to splash with Maggie in the little pool. (She first climbed up the big slide then cried and got scared.)

Then Saturday night I took Rylie to a fun "Teen Beach Movie 2" watching party at a friends that I also forgot to take any photos at!

Sunday, at church, Rylie's class was given an assignment of writing 5 cards/letters and handing them out to strangers saying something nice. Rylie decided to give one to the cashiers at the store and wrote them herself :)

1 cashier cried when Rylie handed it to her

Last Monday (7/13) the girls started another VBS together!

Tuesday was crazy hair day!

 Tuesday afternoon Rylie had a dentist checkup and got sealers put on her molars. 

She has a lot more adult teeth coming in too that we saw on the x-rays!

Remy also returned to gymnastics Tuesday evening and I forgot to take photos!

Wednesday the girls missed VBS because Rylie's on the roll for Girl Scout Media Corps and we got a call the day before while at the dentist asking if she was available for a video shoot Wednesday morning. So we spent all morning outside in the sun shooting a training video.

Wednesday night though the VBS had a fun family night and the girls were so excited to attend!

Bounce houses, pizza, hot dogs, and sno cones! Who could resist?!

Then we came inside to sing the VBS songs and see a skit. Rylie and Jaiden sat together away from us moms. :( They're so grown now!

Thursday was their last VBS day and they had to wear the colors of their group.

I have to say, I was SO impressed with Remy at this VBS. This was a church she'd only been to a couple times when Rylie had creative arts camp earlier this summer and she knew nobody there. Still, when I dropped her off the first day, she just went on in and sat down no problem. And every day I picked them up in car rider line, they both came out beaming with smiles and saying how much fun they had!

I had a great Bible Study Thursday too and our leader gave everyone a rose and brought chocolates for the group!

After Bible Study and VBS Thursday, we ate a quick lunch and Rylie changed and I went back to the Girl Scout place for a tea party!

Remy and I dropped Rylie off for that and then headed to Texas Childrens Hospital to drop off the 20 bags our troop made as a service project.

Then Remy and I had some more time to kill so we stopped in The Chocolate Bar for a treat!

Of course, Remy's weird and doesn't like chocolate lol so I got her Lemon Velvet because it looked like "balilla" to her!

Then it was time to pick Rylie up!

She had a great time and got this cute patch and tea set!

And she was excited to set the table and show us all her table manners she learned!

Friday we took it easy that morning and that night both girls had open gym at gymnastics! Rylie and I stayed and watched Remy while Rylie at dinner. Then David picked up Remy and Rylie did hers while I ate dinner. lol Next year they'll be in the same class! Woohoo!

Saturday, my Girl Scout coleader and I did another full day of trainings at the Girl Scout place!

 (my 3rd time this week to be out there....I'm only slightly sick of the place lol)

Sunday we went to our church just for Sunday school, then headed to our friend's church because Rylie wanted to see her friend get baptized!

My friend's girls with us

Funny story, Rylie was asking why her friend was getting baptized now and she was baptized as a baby and I explained that Methodist and Baptist churches are different, a lot of churches are different and there's no right or wrong way to get baptized. She explained to me that when she grows up she wants to take her kids to a baptist church so they can choose to get baptized and she can watch them get dunked in water. She's mad that she can't get dunked in water and was already baptized as a baby lol

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Maine's Last Days

Tuesday, July 7 was our last full day in Maine :(
The girls had a list of things they wanted to do before they left and we tried doing as many as we could. They wanted to swing a lot in the back for sure!

And a flashback to Rylie's 1st time in Maine on her swing Gaga made.

Even though they're the same age in the pictures, Remy looks bigger here than Rylie's 1st year photo above!

Woodpecker visitor

While Remy napped, Rylie went with Daddy and Gaga to the swimming hole in town.

When they came back, Remy walked out to greet them saying a "monster" was there dressed like this.....

Those are rubber gloves on her feet! Ha!

David cleaned up from swimming and he and I had a date night in town.

I had to laugh at this McDonald's we passed! Wonder the chances of getting those at ours? lol

DELISH dinner!

Another good meal at Damariscotta Grill!

Funny story, I was wearing like 5 inch heels so this dress wouldn't drag and we walked outside after dinner and it started raining. We had to walk across the street to our car and I told David I couldn't walk fast because I didn't want to slip and fall in the rain. As we walked across the street, a car stopped (pedestrians have right away in Maine and all cars have to stop at crosswalks) and we're in the middle of the street and David slipped! I'm sure the people sitting in their car waiting on us got a good laugh! 

So the next morning, Wednesday we headed out for Portland on our way home. 

We stopped first at Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse!

We had to walk on this huge rocks all the way out there.

 It was a workout with the girls. I was so nervous for Remy and held her tight, but she did great!

We could see Portland head in the distance!

Then we drove down to Bug Light, the cutest, littlest lighthouse!!

So little!!

And there was a WWII memorial there.

Then we drove over to Portland Head!

The girls were starving for lunch by now and the food truck they had last year was gone so we had to rush off to get lunch at the airport.

 Farewell Portland and Maine!! See you next year!

I loved this beautiful tree on the way to the airport!

When we arrived and turned in our rental car, it hit Rylie that we were leaving and she started crying. :(

The girls were so good on the 2nd flight home. Rylie bought this lobster claw pen at the airport and wrote stories the whole way back!

Remster crashed finally!

I want to also remember how great Rylie was with her souvenir money. I gave each girl $20 and said they could buy any souvenir they wanted, but they couldn't buy candy with it. She did great adding up what she had left and staying in budget. The pen was her last $3 she had. 

We got home pretty late Wednesday night and David got our car while I waited with the girls and all our luggage. When we loaded up and drove away, Remy got all panicked and said "Oh no! We forgot to bring home our new car!" lol She meant our rental we had in Maine. Apparently she didn't want to return to Mommy's car!

We had another great trip in Maine and the girls are already sad the countdown is a whole year before we can go back!