Tuesday, June 23, 2015

VBS 2 and last week

For the past couple of months now, Remy's new morning routine is to come down SUPER early in the morning, get in bed with Mommy and go back to sleep! I can't say I hate it :)

Her naps, however have only been about an hour this past week, hence the lack of blogging (that and when I finally sat down to upload pictures, our internet was down).

So here's recapping last week with VBS #2!!

Monday, Rylie started another VBS with a different theme.

Remy and I dropped her off then ran to the grocery store and picked her up.

After a quick lunch, we went to the library for a cute dinosaur shadow-puppet show.

Of course Rylie was SO into it and listening to every word. They sang a cute song with motions too.

Remy mostly wiggled around the entire time!

Another dinosaur song and their "roars" at each other lol

After stories and the puppet show, the kids got to paint "dinosaur eggs!"

Tuesday, my friend Janna was awesome and offered to bring Rylie to VBS for me!

I don't think Rylie had any fun riding with them though ;-)

Remy and I hit up the toddler time at our church with friends

Leah came too :)

I think I just need to do this with bubbles with Remy all Summer! She is still major-obsessed with bubbles right now! We sat and hung out with friends for 2 hours, then headed home for lunch. 

Poor Remy missed gymnastics due to the "Tropical Storm Bill" that was supposed to "hit us hard" and instead just brought a nice rain. My friends were telling me that morning though that one of the roads was down to 1 lane due to flooding and 1 traffic light was out and I didn't know how hard it would actually hit us, so we stayed home and she did a class Wednesday instead.

First we took my car to get an oil change and filters replaced, then got some sno cones on the way home!

That afternoon was the gymnastics class and Remy saw a friend from school!

Wednesday night we had a farewell dinner (another one) for our Pastor and this one was for our Sunday School class! Church is changing extremely for our family with our Pastor leaving because he doesn't just do sermons on Sunday mornings, he's also in our Sunday School class and Wednesday  night bible study. So basically every single thing we're involved in with our church is changing with them leaving. So it's been one huge "farewell" tour for them this past month. One of the girls in our class did these lyrics to this song and we all sang after dinner. It's so cheesy, but if you know our Pastor and his love for everything Disney (we seriously sang this song during one of his sermons not long ago), it was right up his alley!

Thursday night, they did Family Night for VBS!

Rylie had fun with these girls this week!

They sang their songs on stage and the puppet guy talked a little.

Remy was surprisingly good! She loved the songs too!

Friday morning I took Remy to a friend from her school's "Panty Party!" She just potty-trained after her 3rd birthday and we were excited to celebrate with her!

Her mom did a great job with panties to color lol

And these cute "potty" treats!

After playing all morning, we met Rylie and our friends for lunch after their VBS. Rylie drew this thank you card for Miss Janna for carpooling all week!

I only got this picture of Remy at lunch before the big girls arrived.

Friday night, Remy did another open gym at her gymnastics. Rylie watched and played with Saige.

I only got these 2 videos of Remy.

Then, Rylie got to do open gym too! It was her first time and I had to pay a fee for her since she's not in class, but she really wanted to try it out. She was SO nervous/excited the entire time she watched Remy and asked every 5 minute how much longer she had until it was her turn. Remy was so cute and told Rylie "It's ok, Rylie. I'll help  you. I won't let you fall off the big beam." lol Even though Remy wouldn't be on the floor the same time as Rylie!

Rylie wanted to try what she's seen Remy doing lol

She might need more practice. Cute girl.

She was eager to do cartwheels on the flat beams!

And try out the big beams!

Mostly she wanted to do cartwheels everywhere...

And jump on the trampoline!

And climb the ladder in the back.

Her open gym is much longer than Remy's was-2.5 hours! It's supposed to be a "drop your kid off and come back" event but Rylie begged me to stay and watch her, so basically I was at the gym for 4 hours for Remy's and hers! David picked up Remy after work when hers was over and brought me takeout for dinner (Rylie ate a sandwich while she watched Remy) and took Remy home for dinner and bath. I watched Rylie the first hour and a half then I sat in my car (where it was warm!) and read my book for book club. Rylie was glad to try it out finally and might do it again this Summer!

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