Tuesday, June 16, 2015

VBS 1 and everything last week!

Last week our church hosted a great VBS that both girls were able to attend!! Remy's 1st VBS! She was nervous talking about it that weekend, but once we got there she was fine.

They had to dress in a specific color each day and Mon was blue.

When I picked up the girls, both of them were just dancing away to the VBS songs. I loved it!

While the girls were out, I spent a lot of hours organizing all the Girl Scout things!! We were given 3 huge bags of donations from another troop so I finally sorted and organized everything.

Now my office is clean and happy again!

After Remy's nap Monday the girls were playing SO sweet and there was no yelling or hitting or fighting so I said "Yall get popsicles!!"

And yes, I made them eat them outside without clothes on! Ha!
(And Rylie was doing her hair beforehand. Don't you love her style?!)

Then we did some cruising down the street with neighbors!

Tuesday was orange!

In the afternoon, Remy had her first gymnastics class this Summer!

She brought Leah in her new leotard and insisted Leah have a water bottle like hers!

Then Rylie wanted to bring Kit in her leotard and spent Remy's entire class playing gymnastics with the dolls lol It's been an adjustment for Rylie going to something and just watching Remy. She's always been the one doing things while Remy watches. It's new for her, but she's a great supporter of her little sister!

Wednesday was yellow!

Rylie's sweet church friend!

Wednesday night was our church's Bible Study too and also our last one with our pastor before he leaves :( We had a special potluck dinner for him and the girls and I walked to the church to get my fitbit steps in. (I don't get many steps in folding clothes and cleaning out the office at home! It's been challenging trying to find time to go outside and reach 10,000 everyday, but I did it all last week!)

I should've taken a photo of Rylie in her big sun hat too lol We were loaded up and protected from the sun! (Remy just pulled the wagon umbrella over when we got in the shade in front of our church)

Our pastor's favorite things are Jack in the Box tacos and Dr Pepper so those were a staple for our final Bible Study with him!

Our class Wednesday night

Thursday was purple!

Rylie's sweet Girl Scout friends

Remy's buddy Kate was in her VBS class, thankfully! Remy loved seeing Kate everyday!

Thursday afternoon we went swimming with neighbors last-minute.

Rylie was excited to use her new goggles and snorkel for the first time!

Friday was red!

That night I took Remy to open gym at her gymnastics where she basically free-played for an hour and a half. We went to dinner afterwards and she ate EVERY BITE of her mac n cheese! Girl worked up a good appetite!

And the girls enjoyed some ice cream after!

We had a low-key weekend. Three events we had on Saturday got cancelled for various reasons. I had a fun brunch at Panera with some MOPS leadership ladies and some errands with the family later. Rylie is so into board games and worked on this cute LiteBrite.

Sunday, our pastor passed on the stole to the new pastor. A lot of tears were shed at that. I video'd it for a friend and David, both of whom couldn't make it.

Then we had a big potluck lunch after the service for both families. I didn't get any photos of that. I made yummy lemon-cream cheese crepes with triple berry sauce.

 Next Sunday is our pastor's farewell and this week 3 friends of mine are moving into new homes. Just get me through to August, please! Transition is not always easy for me!

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