Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Remy's Day: Bike Ride to the Park

Remy's school, Moppets, and gymnastics got out weeks before Rylie's school did. So Remy and I just hung out during the day, taking it easy, and not doing much. She asked me every night "What I have in the morning?" And every night I'd answer "nothing." lol I was glad to not have to be somewhere every day and get to work on things around the house, but poor Remy wanted to go places and see friends! 

So Tuesday, June 2 we dropped Rylie off at school and I told Remy she would finally get to ride her bike and go to the park! She was so excited!!


And she got to break out her new Summer sneakers!

We walked to our neighborhood playground (I'm trying to get my steps in on my Fitbit!) and she wasted no time jumping into it!

Some friends of ours walked over too and Remy was so glad to have a friend to play with! I think she'd been lonely with just Mommy! Ha!

 This was her "castle" she told me

Just hanging out in her kingdom!

After playing for over an hour, we headed back home for lunch!


She had to stop first and pick a flower and said it's for Mimi. It's still in her bicyle cubby lol

Sweet day with my sweet girl!

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