Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Last Day of School & David's Birthday!

Last Thursday, June 4 was Rylie's last day in 1st Grade!
First and last day of school! I can't believe I have a 2nd grader now!

I made her a special lunch for her last day. Since lunches have become her chore, I didn't make any cutesy ones this year, so I needed to fill some creative urges with this. Ha!

I had a special treat for each girl to celebrate Summer!!

Rylie had early release and as soon as her bus arrived, she came running in!

I think they both loved their goodies!

Rylie's been wanting flippers for awhile!

Remy got a new swimming set for Leah!

Doesn't she look ready for Summer?! Hehe!

I also died over Rylie's school work she brought home the last day. It was all about Maine!


Friday morning the girls were BEGGING to go swimming since Summer break finally arrived! I couldn't resist those faces!

First swim of Summer!

And this is Remy's first jump in the water.

Don't worry, she had her puddle jumper on!

 Rylie thinks you can't be too careful around the pool ;-)

We only stayed an hour because it was pretty crowded!

 Drying off after having a ton of fun!

They were sitting so cute having some popcorn snack. Notice Remy's arm around Rylie's arm the whole time....

And trying to feed sister lol

Sweetest sisters!

After baths, Rylie showed me her picture she made that the #1 thing she wanted to do this Summer was swim and she was glad we did it! 

After Remy's nap we made cake and cupcakes for Daddy's birthday!

It was his 35th birthday. I had to get creative with candles lol

I also didn't realize we only had Christmas and girl gift bags until that night! So I had to use these 50th birthday ones LOL I said if life begins at 50, then you're still really young!

We took him to his favorite mexican restaurant, Los Cucos now that one opened just 5 minutes away from us!

And the girls were excited they sang to him!

Just a few other photos from this past weekend.

We took the girls to a friend's birthday party Saturday morning and I didn't take any photos there, but Remy CRASHED on the way home after!

We cleaned the girls up from playing in the heat and sand box and went to Mimi's to celebrate David's birthday!

I just love these new matching rompers I got them. They'll only be this little once!

David and I had a double-date with some good friends and I forgot to get a photo of the 4 of us! Darnit! We only see them once a year, and hopefully we can get together more often!

Sunday was promotion Sunday and they recognized Remy who moved from the nursery in December after potty-training.

Now she's an official "Little!"

And we also celebrated our new Pastor arriving. 

 Big changes happening this month!

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