Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Gymnastics Festival, GS Leader Dinner, Rylie's School Awards, Book Club

This was another one of those weeks! Last week we had something every single night! 

We barbequed with Mimi and Gaga over on Monday for Memorial Day and I only took this photo.

 My girls weren't even into putting anything on patriotic and I was still recuperating from the sinus infection.

Tuesday night, Remy's gymnastics place had a "festival" night where you just come and do whatever gymnastics you want and they had games and a bounce house slide. 

I didn't take many photos because there were a LOT of kids, I couldn't even see her on the bounce house slide because the trampoline was in the way and I saw 4 of my friends up there too so we ended up talking the whole time. lol 

I got a couple photos of Remy though, of course she went for the bars first and spent most of her time there!

They were playing a game where they dance to music and when the music stops, you have to go flat on the floor really fast. The last person down is out and they keep doing it until there's 1 person left. I wasn't surprised at all that Remy was the first one out! lol That girl just can't stop when she's having fun. She was sitting by a gymnastics teacher who's name is Remi! She's actually the daughter of one of the Girl Scout leaders in charge of our community, above me. They were each tickled that the other's name was the same.

Rylie was SO CUTE watching Remy. When Remy first got on the bars and flipped over, Rylie was ecstatic and clapping and cheering for her as if Remy had never done that before. Then Rylie started videoing Remy with her leappad. Such a proud big sister! It also killed Rylie a little bit to not be allowed out there with her. She might have to do some open gyms this Summer so she can have her own fun!

Later that same night I had a Girl Scout leader dinner and auction.

They did a great job decorating for the fiesta-theme!

They always have great items at the auction too! This is one of my favorite events!

My co-leader and I partook in the photo booth! Hehe!

My co-leader Kellie, myself, and one of our troop moms who's also a community leader. Looking forward to another year of Girl Scout leading with these 2!

And here's what I won in the auction! Well, the sharpies are for the troop only, but the socks and scrapbook paper pack are mine!

Wednesday night we had our usual Bible Study/kids drama and music at our church.

Thursday night was Rylie's 1st Grade Presentation and Awards at her school.

It was just a little thing in her classroom. The kids sang a couple songs first....

Then all the kids sat down and the teacher gave out awards to each kid for their personality.

I wasn't surprised at all that Rylie got the "Starburst" award because she's a little "star" and always so dramatic like she's doing a performance! Ha!

Her teacher and her award.

They had cookies after the awards which both girls loved, of course.

Then we saw a couple of Rylie's artworks around her class.

Love this!

We took a quick picture when we got home. The presentation was at 4pm so David couldn't be there.

We're so proud of our girl going into 2nd grade now!!

Friday night I had book club and I was too embarrassed to ask for a group photo. lol We tried a new-to-us restaurant and sat on the patio overlooking the lake and it was like being in another place with the patio lights and South American cuisine. Perfect ending to the week!

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