Monday, June 8, 2015

Girl Scout End of Year Party

Sunday, May 31 Rylie's Girl Scout troop had a fun end-of-the-year party at a local gym!

The girls looked so pretty for church that morning.

After church and lunch, the fun began!

We started off with an hour of rockwall!

Towards the end, they had the girls line up and blind-fold one at a time and they had to climb it by instructions the other girls gave them, supposed to team-build.

By the time it was Rylie's turn the other girls were tired of waiting and were off doing their own thing lol Glad 2 stayed behind to help her out!

She made it pretty high blind-folded!

Then decided she was done and took off the blind-fold to see how high she'd made it!

Happy girl!

Then we spent an hour on the basketball court playing team games!

They did a human knot first and had to untangle by working as a team.

Then they moved a hula hoop around a circle without letting go of each other.

Then they ran around playing soccer. Rylie was so cute. She's never played a real game before but thought she knew what she was doing lol Some of the girls are actually on a competition team that's gone to play-offs so they were taking it seriously. I think Rylie wants to play now.

They did some basketball games last and poor Rylie tried and tried but was too short to make it without going "Granny" style lol Bless her heart.

We had a party room with pizza and cake for the girls and they got their cookie sales prizes and awards.

Fun way to end another great Girl Scouting year! 
We have a couple things we might do during the Summer too. We'll see with schedules and all.

It's definitely been a VERY BUSY 2 years as a Daisy for Rylie!!!

Now to fill up the Brownie vest! Ha!

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