Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

Saturday, the girls did a special breakfast for David since he was working at his church Sunday.

Rylie made this cute "room service" card the last week of school and couldn't wait to do this for her Daddy!

Then she made him a special "breakfast in bed" tray. Sorry, David you live with girls! All we had was the pink princess tray! Ha! Remy was eager to help and they were fighting over who could carry the tray so I was brave and let her carry the glass of milk.

Then we all got dressed and ready to head out!

Rylie begged me to do fishtail braids, which I'd never done before but after a quick tutorial on YouTube, we had it down! It's much easier than I thought it'd be!

And Remy's hair is changing color. When I pulled the front of her hair back, she had this blonde streak in the middle. It's growing in darker now.

Caught this photo of her walking away. She knows she's cute and totally plays up to it!

We had a fun dinner celebrating Gaga for Father's Day weekend. 

I forgot to post these sooner, but miss Rylie has been wanting a typewriter since last Summer. Not just any typewriter, but one with a bell just like Kit's on the American Girl movie. She's been begging for a year now and I kept telling her we wouldn't find one and even if we did, we wouldn't find tape or ink for it, etc. Well, our sweet Gaga looked all over and found one and traded a bike for it. Not only that, but he fixed the bell so it'd work like she wanted and even found tape and ink for it!

Rylie was in heaven to see her surprise! She's already typed probably 20 pages of letters and stories.

So I took the girls to the painting place awhile back and they worked together to make Gaga a "cookie plate" since their favorite thing to do together is have cookies and milk after dinner!

I forgot to take a photo of the finished product.

We had a fun dinner with Mimi and Gaga Saturday evening.

Then Sunday was a day our church was dreading. Our Pastor was officially leaving and giving his farewell sermon. It was my turn to teach Remy's class so we were there for the early service and I kept peeking into the sanctuary and seeing everyone wiping their eyes, I was nervous how the later service would go (the one we were going to attend.) After Sunday School, the next service began and started off on a sad note talking about the Charleston shootings at another United Methodist Church. Our Pastor read all the names of those killed in that shooting and we prayed for each family. Then our Pastor announced the church is Israel that was built over the site where Jesus fed the loaves and fishes to the crowd, the site that our church is named after, was burned to the ground last week by extremists. Then he gave his sermon titled "Parting Words" and ended it with the saddest clip from the movie "UP." (Told you he was a Disney fanatic) The clip where the man is looking through the album of him and his late wife of all their memories and the last picture says "Thanks for the adventure. Now go live a new one!" And the pastor put up a photo of our church on the screen and said "Thanks for the adventure Lakeside. Now go live a new one." I was sitting with the new pastor's wife and even she was sobbing and I was handing her tissues. Our pastor didn't do us any favors hitting us hard with his leaving lol Then our church presented the pastor and his family parting gifts and we all did a huge prayer circle around them where the new pastor prayed. And even though we were 30 minutes past time to be done, we all then went outside and added a scoop of mulch to the tree planted in our pastor's honor.

I think next Sunday will be really hard as the first they won't be there. It's going to take time adjusting to all these changes this Summer!

After getting home an hour later than usual from church, David met us and the girls gave him his gifts!

Remy made this at the "panty party" Friday.

And Rylie made this the last week of school, a coupon book for free dishwashing, free laundry, etc.

They handed out these candy bars at church and the girls brought him home one.

And Rylie made his card from the candy bar!

Her handmade cards are the best :)

Remy was taking pictures on her leappad the whole time. Just like Rylie used to do. So cute!

I figured he'd think this shirt was too cheesy and wouldn't wear it, but he immediately changed and was proud to wear it! The girls LOVED that!

We had lunch at David's dad's house and the girls gave him a framed photo for his office and giftcard to one of their favorite restaurants.

The photo we framed for Grandaddy.

David's brother and dad.

David said it was one of the best Father's Days ever with our girls!

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