Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Family Book Club: Pete's A Pizza!

Ok so every since I joined my mommy book club last year, Rylie and Remy haven't like my going to dinner/movies once a month and would occasionally tease me about doing their own book club and I wouldn't be invited. It made me think about doing some sort of kid book club with them and maybe even their friends, but I've honestly not had time to plan such playdates. Then a couple weeks ago, I read on Momfessionals blog, Andrea did a family book club with her kids and I thought bingo! That's it! So last week we had our first official "family book club" and I planned the entire day around it, including eating pizza for breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, and dessert! WHAT??!!

Here's our recap from Friday...

The girls woke up to the surprise of what we were going to do!

I told them the book we would read and that we'd have pizza all day and start with a breakfast pizza!

The girls got to help and it was super easy to make!

Here's the recipe for the breakfast pizza!

While breakfast baked in the oven, I read the girls Pete's A Pizza book

It was so cute! 
Then the girls got to make a pizza craft!

Their finished products! I also added the shapes box on the side, mostly for Remy to practice counting and shapes.

Then Rylie read another pizza book, which honestly wasn't very interesting.

Then our breakfast pizza was ready! The girls were tickled that it looked like an actual pizza slice.

And they ate REALLY good! Even Remy, who doesn't eat anything!

After breakfast we all got showered and dressed and ready for a birthday/farewell party for our friends. (Here's where I confess I actually had another book planned to start our book club this day, but then I got the invite for this party and changed it to pizza since the party's at a pizza place. Just worked out too good not to!)

So the girls and I had traditional pizza (and salad for me) for lunch!

And enjoyed some play time too! Remy kept stealing rides on the little carousel. I didn't think I'd ever get her off it lol

Singing to the birthday siblings! The party was for Rylie's friend Charlotte and her 2 brothers. They're leaving for China for 3 years next week and wanted to celebrate before they left. Just another stop on the farewell tour of friends for us this month!

Remy enjoyed her some cake!

Then she wanted to ride the motorcycle with her last tokens. Girl's a crazy driver!

Then it was time to head out. Rylie said goodbye to Charlotte and hoping we see them again in 3 years!

A little comparison photo from 5 years ago and currently. These 2 met in Kindermusik 7 years ago and then they moved into our neighborhood walking distance away. Really going to miss them!

Rylie, Charlotte, and Raegan
The only girls left from our original group from Kindermusik!

After the party we came home and put Remy down for nap and Rylie worked on some pizza fraction worksheets!

And a big color page!

When Remy woke up we hit the store with a snack, pizza goldfish crackers!

While I made dinner, the girls worked on more pizza pages!

Coloring and Rylie helped Remy with the directional one (color the 3rd one yellow, etc)

They also did a bar graph where they ask people their favorite toppings and color in to see what's the favorite, but I forgot to get photos of that!

Our yummy dinner-Chicken Enchilada Pizza!

We all LOVED this! Even our picky eater Remy ate her whole piece!!

After dinner we made our dessert, mini fruit pizzas!

I've made these for MOPS breakfast in the past and love them!

The one I made. SOO GOOD!!!

The girls weren't feeling adventurous with the fruit lol but they loved the cream cheese topping!

All in all, I'd say it was a successful first family book club and hoping to do more before Summer ends!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Creative Arts Camp and last week

Last week Rylie did a special creative arts camp Monday through Thursday. It was a LOT of driving for us as the camp's 30 minutes away. So dropping off and picking up was 2 hours. Thankfully the camp was 9am-3pm and 2 of those days a friend brought her home so Remy could get a good nap. Rylie had to bring her lunch each day.

And then Remster and I hung out while sister was painting and learning more sign language!

I stopped to get coffee one morning after drop off and there wasn't a drive thru at any location nearby so we had to go in and Remy was begging for a "little coffee" (milk in a small coffee cup) to be just like Mommy! She was beaming with her little cup so proud of herself.

Thursday night was showcase night where all the camp participants perform all they learned. I tried getting a group shot with my cell phone.

Here's video of Rylie's songs and sign language.

Afterwards, they had artwork showcased in the halls. She already brought home her canvas painting and she isn't happy with it so she wouldn't let me take pictures or post. She had a plaster of paris she'd made and painted on display.

They had to lay on their backs and draw on paper taped to the bottom of chairs like Michaelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling. Then they turned it into this sculpture.

Friday we had a really fun family day that I'll go more in detail tomorrow.

Saturday morning I helped chaperone some youth from our church to see Jurassic World!

All the chaperones

The only 2 ladies there! It was a great movie! And pretty awesome in 3D!

That afternoon I caught Remy putting her baby doll on the counter, get real close to her face and say in a serious voice, "Ok Carol, last chance. This is going to be the best summer ever."

 lol No clue where that came from!

We went to a Chinese restaurant for dinner and this was Rylie's fortune after.

Couldn't have been more perfect for her! And she even exclaimed when she read it "This is so perfect for me! Mommy, look!" Going to have to save this for when she gets published. Ha!