Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Vanessa's Baby Shower

The Saturday of the Hiking with Henry (previous post), our little family of 4 was supposed to go to the hike together and David and Remy were going to kill time while Rylie and I did our Girl Scout stuff, then we were going to drive straight up to Waco for my cousin's baby shower/reunion with my family. We didn't get to see them this past Christmas, so it really meant a lot to me that we made this shower and see everyone. And the Girl Scout hike was an hour away in the direction towards Waco, so it made sense that all 4 of us go and then head straight up after the hike. 

Well.......unfortunately that didn't happen. 

When we left our house that morning to meet the Girl Scouts to head out, Remy threw up in my car. Thankfully I'd grabbed a bowl for her since she said her tummy hurt "real bad." And she is such a big girl now, she got it all in the bowl. (tmi?) So I made a split-second decision that David and Remy needed to stay home and not risk a 3 hour drive and overnight stay with Remy's tummy. So we turned around, dropped them and their bags off at the house, and Rylie and I headed to the Girl Scout hike alone. 

The second it was over, we headed up to Waco for Vanessa's baby shower. 

We arrived an hour after it started, so I took some of these photos off her facebook, 

We arrived in time to watch her open her gifts and still got to visit with everyone!

This is what we brought her for baby Ruby Sue. I seriously made that dress the day before we left. It's been crazy business around here, yall.

And Rylie wanted to make the card....sweetest little note I had to take a photo of it!

There were surprisingly a lot of kids so Rylie wanted to play outside with them (especially after being cooped up in the car for 3 hours beforehand!)

Frog catching and tree climbing....yep, we're in the country!

My cousin Vanessa and her husband, the daddy to be!

I'd really been homesick and was glad to be back out there. I really missed the country view and I realized it'd been a long time since we'd been out there in the Spring. I'd forgotten how many wildflowers grow out there. I couldn't get over it!

We spent the night at my aunt and uncles, they made us a yummy pancake and bacon and eggs breakfast and then we headed out for Mother's Day celebrating!

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