Sunday, May 3, 2015

Two Wheels

I have to back-track a moment here. I just got this finished, so it's ready to post.

Monday, April 13 Rylie begged me to take the training wheels off her bike. I told her to wait until Daddy got home because the tires also needed air. So David got home, aired them up, and took the training wheels off. He worked with her down the street while I made dinner. I came out to tell them dinner was ready to see her riding her bike so well! She was SO PROUD of herself!! Not wanting to forget this new skill, she begged me the next 2 days after school to take her bike riding some more so she could get better at it. So after homework, I took the girls out and by Wednesday she had it down!! This was supposed to be our Summer project, but Rylie was so eager and excited to do it, she just couldn't wait any longer! (Now what are we going to do this Summer? lol j/k We have other projects!)

So when you have a mom who's a marketing major and loves video editing, you don't just get some photos of her riding a bike without training wheels. You get a full music video! Ha! This was filmed Mon thru Wed and a couple filler shots were filmed later that weekend.

So here's our girl, a new bike rider without training wheels!!

I do have some cute photos as well!

(Yes, I know the girls look huge on their bikes, but Rylie needed to learn to ride without training wheels on the smaller bike before getting a new bike with a kickstand that's bigger. So now Rylie can get a bigger bike and pass hers down to Remy.)

After bike riding, the girls came in to get some water and I watered my plants outside. When I walked in, they were just sitting on the counter together like this. I asked what they were doing and they answered so nonchalantly "drinking our water."

Cute little tot on her tricycle

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