Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Teacher Appreciation & Remy's Parent Brunch

Last week was National Teacher Appreciation week.

This is what Remy brought her teachers. I didn't have time for a pinterest-y tag! And Remy was MAD when she woke up and said "Ugh! I wanted purple flowers for my teachers!" lol 

Remy's school had a parent brunch last Thursday at drop-off. They gave us their Mother's Day gifts. So cute!

We had some snacks before chapel.

Remy said she just likes to sit and watch chapel. I said ok and I'd just sit with her. About 5 minutes later, she was pushing me out of the chair telling me to go home and that she wanted to watch by herself. Stinker!

Rylie brought her teacher a little goody last week too. They're her teacher's favorite candy and drink.

Can you believe Remy only has this week and next of school and Rylie has 4 weeks left until Summer?! I'm counting down. I'm so burned out on school right now lol This article from a few years ago describes me right now perfectly! And I only have 2 kids! Ha! This is by Jen Hatmaker, who will be our keynote speaker at MOMcon this year and I'm so excited to possibly meet her! She's hilarious!

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