Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Remy's Open House and Fine Arts Festival

Thursday, April 23 Remy's preschool had a cute little open house.

They had little activities the kids could show us that they do in school.

I love this one-putting pipe cleaners in holes punched in a Pringles can lid! Easy car activity!

Remy apparently loves the pointer and doing calendar!

Eye dropper to mix colors and see what they make!

All her cute crafts she's made!

Saturday, April 25 was a local Fine Arts Festival. Rylie had been begging me for weeks to take her to this so I put it on the calendar to squeeze in. Then, the week of the festival she came home with a note saying another artwork she'd made was going to be featured at the festival!

Rylie's new masterpiece "Goofy birds"

Can't wait to get this one home and framed with her first piece, "Cows that spit."

After seeing the artwork, we let the girls do all the booths and crafts they had. Everything was free and fun for the girls! They had a blast!

First up was face painting!

Funny story, Rylie put on her Paris shirt Mr Bob at Mimi's office brought the girls from France and Remy was mad thinking Rylie had her shirt on. I showed Remy she had her own and then she wanted to wear hers too to match Rylie. Then they both wanted Eiffel towers on their face!

Making hats!

Making pencil tops!

I don't know why this photo is so funny to me lol

After all the fun at the festival, we came home for a quick lunch and Remy napped while I took Rylie to a neighbor's birthday party. I was too tired to even take photos there lol Then we came home, cleaned up, and went to Mimi's to see her and Gaga before they headed to Maine! The girls ended up spending the night and David and I hit up Trader Joe's before coming home. I was lonely at church last week by myself lol but it was nice to sleep in and rest with all we've got going on right now.

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