Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Remy's Carnival Day

Tuesday, May 12 Remy's school had a fun carnival day! She had a blast and I'm glad I was there to capture her joy!

She actually let me sit with her in chapel this time!

Loved her hand stamp!

My stinker girl.

Then the real party began!

Her one and only time going on the big slide! Surprisingly, she didn't like it too much.

She loved this little slide though!

It took standing in line with her for awhile before she warmed up to the clown.


I had to get my arm painted first before Remy was game, so we had matching froggies! There have been several frogs in our yard/garage lately with all the rain we've been having, so that's why she picked this!

Sno cone break!

And cotton candy! She didn't care too much for it, thankfully lol

And more bounce house fun!

They did corn dogs and cheetos for lunch in their class, which I'm surprised Remy actually ate every bite of!

Each kid got a balloon animal too as they left. She napped hard this afternoon!

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