Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Remy 3 1/2 Year Old Updates & Spring Portraits

Gosh, I haven't done these in awhile, but there's several things I don't want to forget about our sweet Remster at this stage! (I started this in March and am just now posting!)

*Calls laundry detergent "night-night (lovey) soap" since we use it to give her night-night a "bath."

*Very picky eater right now! Remember when she used to eat everything?! Ha! She's great at breakfast-mini blueberry muffins, yogurt, blueberry or cinnamon waffles, banana, cheerios, Kefir drink, milk are all her favorites at our house and she eats cereal and oatmeal sometimes at Mimi's.  She does somewhat ok at lunch-peanut butter and jelly sandwich every darn day (just like big sister!), chicken nuggets, fruit cup (oranges, pears, peaches are her favs), string cheese, and almost any cracker (goldfish, cheezits, Trader Joe puffs are her favs). But dinner is where she's difficult. She will pretty much only eat mac n cheese (and she's picky, it has to be the Kraft brand) or pizza (cheese only) and applesauce. But even out of those 3 things, sometimes she refuses to eat anything for dinner!

*Early riser! Continuing from my last statement, with her not eating dinner. She is up early and comes straight to my side of the bed and squishes up beside me and sometimes goes back to sleep, but it's her little routine now to come snuggle with me every morning.

*Loves her sweet little school! She will not sing/dance at chapel like Rylie used to. She just sits and watches/listens, but she sings all the songs at home a lot! She has 1 girlfriend who was in her class last year and is in another class this year. They see each other on the playground and in chapel each day and Remy tells me she gives her a hug and they play the whole time. So sweet! I hope they're in the same class next year!

*Loves her gymnastics! It's like she knows every Sunday night that she has it the next morning. She loves laying out her leotard the night before. Her favorite thing is flipping over the bars by herself. The big beam scares her, because she's afraid she'll fall, but she does great with Miss Deena holding her.

*Girl Scout Tagalong! Anything to do with sister's Girl Scouts, Remy wants to be there. She tells people she's a tagalong and wants to wear her shirt and loves being with the big girls and feeling included with them. She can say almost the entire Girl Scout law too!

*She recognizes some numbers and counts to like 20, I can't remember. She doesn't recognize letters yet.

*I walked in and asked what she was doing (photos above) and she said "I washing my feet. They're dir-yee." How she can stand like this and not fall, yet bust it just walking straight is beyond me!

*Still loves Strawberry Shortcake the most! Caillou is so annoying so she rarely gets to watch him, but those 2 are the only things to really hold her attention. She doesn't watch TV all day though, but sometimes I need something to occupy her while I clean up the kitchen or to watch in my room while I shower and get dressed. Sometimes she'll watch Curious George too, but that's it. Usually she watches SS in the mornings, then gets up and starts playing with the Marketplace and Cafe sets and all the little dolls.

*Not a chocolate lover! She prefers "valilla" mostly, sometimes strawberry.

*She's started to like babies and points them out and says "awww look at the whittle baby" when we see one.

*She's become my little buddy during the day when she doesn't have school. She goes with me to MOPS leadership and regular meetings, Girl Scout bank, and other errands and sometimes to lunch after. She asks me every morning "What I have today, Mommy?" Sometimes she'll ask "I wan go some place for lunch. Let's go chicken nuggets (Chick-Fil-A)." She loves going out to eat!

*Hates socks! She screams and throws a fit and rips them off almost every time. She hates the seam across the toes and if it's not in the perfect spot, she gets mad.

*Loves getting to use a "bullella" (umbrella)!

And here are her school Spring portraits! Finally perfect ones! I can't pick which one to buy!

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