Monday, May 11, 2015

Powder Puff Derby

Saturday, May 2 Rylie and Remy both had cars racing in the Inaugural Powder Puff Derby for our Girl Scout community! I also want to mention, this was 10 years to the day that David and I first met!

Rylie's car-a "thin mint" theme

Remy's car-"Strawberry Shortcake" theme

We had to be there early for weigh-in!

After weigh-in, Rylie got to participate in a Girl Scout flag ceremony. Daisies don't usually get to do these for community events. It's usually the oldest levels chosen first, but they had the girls on the planning board do the ceremony, so it was a big deal Rylie got to do it! 

She logged in about 8 hours of planning with other Girl Scouts, helping create this event.

Posting colors

Recognizing the planning board

Trophy table (that I set up the night before!)

The tables of cars

All the attending Girl Scouts racing! They said 171 registered! It turned out to be a huge event.

There were tables set up for a service project the girls could work on while they waited for their car to race.

They made 2 cards for people in the hospital and 2 cards for the military.

Remy, of course ran around the place lol

Rylie's car wasn't the fastest, by any means. lol Next year we'll actually research this and it'll be "on." Ha!

There were also tables set up to make puppets and act out different things with them to earn a puppetry badge.

Two girls from our troop made puppets and acted out this story with them to earn their badge.

Remy thought she was big stuff at a Girl Scout event with her tagalong shirt on. Look at the feet here! Hehe!

Grandaddy and Deedee came to see our girls' cars race! David did a LOT of Pinewood Derby in his Cub Scout days that his dad helped him with, so he was excited to do this with his girls!

The 2 tagalongs in our troop had fun together too!

Remy's car did ok and got 1st in one race, but didn't place overall in the tagalong division. 

Of course someone wouldn't cooperate for a photo.

We still had a lot of fun with friends and Girl Scouts and look forward to doing it again next year!

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