Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Mother's Day in Waco

The morning of Mother's Day we left my aunt and uncle's house and stopped by the cemetery in town to visit Casey. Rylie had been asking about her a lot lately and asked me to take a photo of her there.

We brought her some tulips and Rylie's hand is almost as big as Casey's was!

It started raining on us out there so we couldn't stay long.

We headed out to meet my mom and sister and boys for lunch in Waco. I miss this view on the drive from our little country town into Waco!

My sister and the boys didn't stay at lunch long so just us 3 girls hung out and then did a little shopping at World Market in Central Texas Marketplace.

Rylie took this photo of me with my mom lol

It's crazy that exactly one week later, at the exact time we were shopping a week prior, this tragedy broke out at Twin Peaks across the parking lot.

I'm just so thankful that it didn't happen 1 week earlier than it did! 

World Market is just across the parking lot where the shooting took place. I know this can happen anywhere, anytime. I'm just so glad Rylie wasn't in a place to witness that. I can only imagine how terrified she would've been, as all the people who were there that day were! Thankfully no bystanders were injured!

After lunch and shopping with my mom, Rylie and I headed out for the long drive home. We wanted to beat the rain that was headed out way (and has been hanging around all month!!)

Another picture of the wildflowers at a red light lol We just don't have these everywhere in Houston!

We made it home without any rain and in time for dinner! Remy never got sick again thankfully, but had a good, restful weekend with Daddy!

The best photo I could get of my girls on Mother's Day! They gave me lots of sweet cards and I felt so special! Another great Mother's Day in the books!

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