Friday, May 29, 2015

Gymnastics Class End of Year Awards, Lunch with Rylie, and Open House

Last Monday, May 18 was Remy's last gymnastics class this year. She's going to continue with classes this Summer and she's so excited about that! They had their end-of-year presentations last week and then awards at the end. So I took a lot of photos and videos!

First, meet Leah, Remy's new friend!

We'd had "issues" with Remy wanting Rylie's American Girl dolls Kit and Saige and so I took Remy to Target with her Christmas giftcard and she picked out her own doll (on sale for $20! Score!) and now she's leaving sister's dolls alone! So Leah had to come watch Remy do her class last week.

Getting directions.

Warmup time!

I'm always in awe of her little muscles!

Then practicing their routines and skills.

Straight body jumps

Working on her hand stands

Those are Remy's legs in the air doing a cartwheel lol

Working on flipping over by herself

And they can't land with feet on ground, they have to hold themselves up on the bar after flipping over. Pretty tricky!

Ok, now the videos of her 2 presentations and award!

"floor routine"

"bars routine"
(she was a little lost in this one because we had to make a potty run so she didn't see the other girls do theirs first and couldn't remember what all she was supposed to do!"


And I just want to add, she's only been in this level class since January! She's come so far in just 4 months! I'm so proud of our gymnast!

She loves Miss Deena! Excited to continue this Summer!

I had 1 errand to run after gymnastics and on the drive home Remy was WORN OUT from her gymnastics. I love how she put Leah in Rylie's booster seat lol

Tuesday, May 19 was the only day I could visit Rylie for lunch while Remy was in school so I couldn't pass that up.

She was so excited and requested Sonic corn dog.

Tuesday night was Rylie's little open house at her school. I only took 2 photos.

Her artwork from the festival is on display in the hallway.

We mostly talked with her teacher and looked through her big folder of school work. She's ending the year very well and is excited for 2nd grade! 

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