Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Girl Scout Service Project and Wounded Warriors

At one of our last meetings this year, Rylie's Girl Scout troop did a sweet service project. They had about $250 donated from cookie booths so we used that money to make 20 gift bags of goodies to donate to Texas Children's Pediatric Oncology department. 

Rylie's kept up with her friend Kate's cousin Penny's 2 year journey with cancer and saw all the times Penny was in the hospital for long treatments/procedures. So we thought we'd donate these bags in Penny's honor for other kids going through the same thing and maybe bring a little sunshine to their day.

This is what's inside the bags!

And recently the Wounded Warriors came through our area so a few of the girls in our troop met up to show our support for them!

After a long wait for them, they finally arrived!

The girls were ecstatic! They started screaming and waving those flags so proudly! 

It was really cute and such a sweet moment seeing the warriors waving back so excited and saying over the intercom "You have no idea how much this means to us! Thank you so much! We love you!"

So proud of our little area coming together to welcome them!

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