Saturday, May 30, 2015

Memorial Weekend Painting

We had a kind of unique Memorial Day weekend in our house. First off, I spent the entire weekend sick in bed. The girls spent Saturday and Sunday at their Mimi's house. So David decided to paint our kitchen and dining room! We've lived in this house 7 years (exactly, actually yesterday was the date we closed!) and we still had builders-grade white walls everywhere! After 7 years and 2 kids they were looking pretty dingy! I'm so excited David got these 2 rooms done! We'll eventually have the entire interior painted, but we're doing it a little at a time. I've never lived in a home with painted walls before, honestly. I mean, a couple of the rooms like master bed and office were painted when they built the house, but none of the "living" areas. It just THRILLS me so much to have beautifully painted walls now!!! I can't stop smiling when I walk into my kitchen or past my dining room now! 

Here is our kitchen in 2010....the before

And the after! 

The after pictures are very dark because we've had nothing but rain the past month, so there is no "natural" light coming in, even at noon when these were taken!




Now (and new kitchen table I got off craigslist last Fall)



Kitchen when we first moved in, 2008!


And the dining room!

When we moved in, 2008

And in 2010

And now!
I promise the color looks better in person than these photos. The green is actually darker in person! And I need to get new curtains. Our $5 red valances from walmart won't look as good with green walls. I'm thinking beige panels?





We didn't even tell the girls we were painting and surprised them when they got home Monday!

Remy was the first to notice and exclaimed "Oh! I like the new walls!" It was so cute. I think the next rooms on our list are master bedroom and master bathroom!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Wettest Water Day & Bridging Ceremony

Last Wednesday I was hit hard with a sinus infection. Probably the worst one I've ever had. It kept me in bed all day Wednesday and then Friday through Monday morning. Poor Remy spent a lot of time last week hanging out with Mommy in bed! She was a sweet little nurse to me. She entertained herself by taking selfies on my cell phone.

Last Thursday though I used every ounce of energy I had for a big day. Remy's school had water day and it was her last day of school! Then Rylie's Girl Scout troop had bridging ceremony!

So with the huge amount of activities we've had lately and me being sick, I didn't get to put together any "Pinterest-worthy" teacher gifts for Remy's sweet teachers ahead of time. Instead, I quickly put something together that morning!

Remy made some cards for them while I loaded her backpack and made breakfast. Sidenote-this was Remy's first time to "draw" an actual picture of something! Seeing her hand draw a deliberate item for the first time made me so happy!! Rylie was writing her name by this age, but Remy's not even been coloring in the lines yet so I've stressed about her being "behind." Glad to see some progress!!

And we stopped at Kroger on the way to school where Remy picked out flowers and I bought Starbucks giftcards for them!

(The funny, creepy potato-looking thing on the front of the cards is a "smily face" that Remy drew! Trust me, it's far from the random scribbles she's only done up until now! Working on her fine motor skills is a top priority for us this Summer!)

 I stayed with Remy's class for chapel, where she let me stay and actually sang along a little! Then it was water time!!

Remy had been looking forward to this day ALL WEEK!

She talked about it NON. STOP. 

She kept asking how many days left until water day and asked if she could splash there, then said "My Mimi won't let me splash in the baff tub." LOL 

We don't let her splash in the tub at home either! But I assured her she could splash all she wanted at water day!

She was in heaven the entire time!!

She ran from pool to pool to pool having fun!

After 30 minutes, the rain opened up!

It didn't phase the kids one bit though!

They kept playing and Remy loved it!

But after 10 minutes, it started coming down REALLY HARD.

And then thunder hit, so we quickly grabbed all the kids and rushed them inside. All the parents jumped in drying off kids and getting them dressed.

One parent brought donuts for the kids so we went ahead and gave them that to tie them over. Water time was supposed to be an hour and a half, so it was cut extremely short (not that the kids knew at this age). Then we just hung out in the classroom and played a little waiting for lunchtime. I had planned to be there for the entire water time then take Remy home after lunch and didn't bring her napmat. So it was pointless for me to leave and come right back in 30 minutes. After their pizza and popsicles we headed out to pickup cookies for sister's bridging and then home for a good nap!

That night we did a very low-key bridging for our 3 Daisies.

I put this together literally 30 minutes before the ceremony (again, I've been overwhelmed with all our activities and being sick). I was actually going to have this nice, wooden bridge a local florist has but the day I called to reserve it another local troop had just reserved it before my call for the same day and time. So I had to put something together.

My coleader made brownies and I picked up these adorable cookies!

The Brownie girls who bridged last year got certificates and membership star pins and the Daisies got their certificates, pins, and bridging awards.

Rylie was so ecstatic. She'd been so ready to be a Brownie with her fellow friends in the troop and was really "done" with the blue vest. lol

Our 3 Brownie cuties!

I'm so glad Rylie has this sweet group of Girl Scout friends to grow up with!