Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What's In A Name

I know I'm behind on a couple of blog posts, but I wanted to participate in this week's Show And Tell Tuesday with Momfessionals because I love baby names!! This week we're talking about how we chose our kids' names! 

When I was little, my favorite girl names were Paige and Penny. When I was pregnant with my first, I knew I wanted her name to be Paige if she was a girl. It's been my favorite name for a long time. But I couldn't decide on a middle name that "fit" with our last name and Paige. I also wanted baby names chosen before we found out the gender. So I perusing names one day and saw Riley and loved it. I'd never known a Riley, so I had no correlation with the name. I grew up in a tiny town with 5 Ashlee's (all spelled differently) on my softball team, so I wanted a unique name and at the time I'd never heard Riley before so I loved it. I remember going on lunch break with David after seeing that name and asking him what he though of it and he liked it. So we decided on Riley for a boy and Rylie Paige for a girl. It just felt more girly spelled that way. (I don't remember what middle name we had picked for a boy) Right after we picked the name, we found out we were having a girl! We kept the gender a secret, but told everyone the name (they just didn't know how it was spelled). I remember one day asking David if we could just call her Paige because I loved that name so much and he said he loved Rylie better and sure enough, she IS a Rylie. I couldn't imagine calling her Paige now. (Even though Rylie ended up being on the top 10 name list the following year and was dubbed "the new Ashlee." No joke.) Rylie Paige is still my favorite name to this day and she holds it so well. 

When Rylie was little, our family was in Gymboree one day and heard a dad call his daughter "Riley/Rylie" and we said ours was Rylie too. He said his baby in the stroller was Reese and David and I both looked at each other wide-eyed like "that's it." So we were set on Reese if we ever had another girl.  I really wanted our kids to have the same initials if we had another girl, but definitely wanted another R name either way. We were having a hard time picking a middle name that "fit" with Reese and our last name. I finally picked Penelope, also thinking back to my "Paige and Penny" names from when I was a kid and that Penny is short for Penelope. So I was really set on Reese Penelope. However, David really didn't like the middle name. So then I thought of Persephone (it really needed a 4-syllable middle name).

 BUT when it came time for our 2nd child a few years later and we were about to find out the gender, the name Reese had become way popular. So we were trying to pick another R name. I really liked Ryland for a boy, but it sounded too close to Rylie. There were no other R boy names I liked, (except maybe Reid, but I just kept thinking kids would make fun of it saying "Reid can't read" or something) so we set on Mathew Clark for a boy. Mathew was always my favorite boy name growing up and I had a classmate named Mathew who was always nice and it was a classic name. I liked Clark from Clark Kent, Superman lol It's also a family name on David's mom's side. For a girl, I'd heard the name Remi once about 10+ years ago working in a church nursery. It wasn't a girl I had in my class, I'd just heard the name. When I remembered that name and pitched it to David, he didn't like it. Then he came around and said he was wanting it after all. I'm so glad he came around to it, because it's so different and we have only met 2 other Remy's so far! We liked it spelled Remy better though. For a middle name, I liked Parker and Peyton to keep the initials the same. I remember driving to the ultrasound appointment to find out the gender saying "Ok, so we're set on Remy Parker for a girl?" And we found out we were having another daughter! Right after finding out though, I told David I really liked Peyton better for the middle name after all. So we changed to that before our gender reveal party 3 weeks later, where we announced her name on the cake!

And she's the most perfect Remy Peyton in the world to us!

Our RPM girls.

I love them having the same initials! I just get everything with an R or RPM on it lol

Rylie on the left, Remy on the right 

And when they grow up and they get married and don't have the same last name, they'll at least still have the same RP initials that bond them.

Now, we are done having kids. But I love kids names and do have other RP names that I like....

Rachel Paxton
Rennedy Parker (Ren for short, like the girl on that Disney show Even Stevens)
Reese Penelope (not letting that one go lol) or Reese Persephone
I also love the name Remily, but that's too close to Remy and had I heard that name before we had our Remy, she would've been a Remily!

Boy names we like....
Mathew Clark

So those are our girls' names! Thanks for stopping by!

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