Friday, April 10, 2015

Melting Pot Early Anniversary Date

David and I celebrated our 8th anniversary a month early this year. His mom's going to be gone for our real one and we couldn't wait to try the Melting Pot so we just went Saturday!

We had never been here and had heard great things about it, so we were excited to finally try it!

We did the 4-course meal which started with a cheddar cheese fondue with bread, veggies, and apples for dipping.

Then we had amazing salads. I'm still drooling over their house dressing!

Then we each picked the same mixed-meat entree so we could try a little of everything. It came with veggies and all these different sauces. Sidenote-I didn't know the meat would come raw and we had to cook it in the pot! I thought the pot would just be a dipping sauce lol

His first cooked piece!

The steak with the spicy plum sauce was my favorite!

Then our dessert arrived on a cute Anniversary plate! It all looked SOO GOOD!!

I love me some chocolate covered strawberries! We did the plain milk chocolate for dipping everything in. I'd never eaten so much in my life!

And they brought us a Happy Anniversary card!

It was funny to me the waiters were making a big deal out of 8 years like it was some feat or something lol It made me feel old, but then I told David I kinda don't feel old enough to have been married 8 years lol It went by fast!

We had a fabulous dinner and while it's very pricey so we can't go often, I hope to go back another time. Except maybe skip the cheese appetizer so there's more room for the other good stuff! They had to roll us out of the place! lol

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