Thursday, April 30, 2015

Frozen on Ice!

Friday, April 17 we emptied our living room so the carpets could get cleaned early Saturday morning. Then we went out to eat for dinner since our kitchen was full of living room furniture! When we got back, little tot CRASHED on the living room floor!

I'd never seen her THAT deep in sleep where she didn't wake up once we got in the house. We were cracking up. We let her sleep there while we did Rylie's shower and got her tucked in, then we put baby girl to bed. Poor girl was exhausted after playing in MOPS that morning, then bike riding all afternoon!

Saturday morning, the carpet guys came and I took our princesses to Frozen on Ice!

The Easter bunny gave them tickets and they were so excited it was finally time for the show!

Remy thought at first she was going to get to ice skate too! I had to explain everything to her beforehand!

She didn't really want to cooperate for photos lol

Rylie's hair was a hot mess, but this is what she said she wanted, to look like "Anna coronation."

I only bought the program because it's hard to get photos at these shows and this book has great photos for them to look back on! We don't buy any other expensive snacks/souvenirs at these and the girls knew better than to ask! $20 popcorn and $12 sno cone? No thanks!

Show's starting!

Mickey and Minnie kicked it off. Don't you just want her ice skates? I love them!

Had to photograph Timon and Pumba for Remy! She still loves The Lion King!

Other princesses and Disney characters singing and dancing

One more photo for Remy!

Finally Frozen began! They did the entire movie!

The crowd roared when Olaf came out!!

Such a sweet show! Rylie LOVED it! Remy? Not so much. I bought....ahem, the Easter bunny bought these back in July when they first went on sale and didn't know how Remy would be by April. We took a chance and didn't want to leave her out since she loves Frozen as much as big sister. But I don't think she really was ready to sit through a 2-hour show! I held her most of the time, attempting to take pictures. Then she wanted to lay in the chairs while Rylie sat in my lap. Then Remy started fussing that she wanted to go home and see Daddy. I made the mistake of not bringing her lovey and she started crying for it. Then she almost fell asleep in my arms. I just hated the thought of not buying her a ticket last year and her being left out and crying to go. So to me, it was still worth bringing her and letting her see what it's like and now we know to wait awhile before doing it again!

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