Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Sunday

We went very light for Easter baskets this year, because the girls got a "big" prize instead. Honestly, it was hard for me to not put together cutesy baskets. I love doing it, but I stuck to my guns and just got them 2 things.

Their baskets Easter morning!

We brought them down and told them to turn around


At the same time Rylie yelled "Annie!" Remy yelled "cookie!" lol
Their big gift though is tickets to Disney Frozen on Ice in a couple of weeks! I bought them last July when they first went on sale. The girls and I will go see that together, Remy's first "show" to attend!

SO happy for her Annie movie! Remy's listened to the soundtrack in my car the past few months and has seen the older one on Netflix, so she was excited for the new one too! 

And excited for cookies! Miss Rebecca next door to Mimi gave those to the girls and we saved them for their baskets.

Then they both curled up like this to watch Annie and I had to get a photo. Easily my favorite photo from Easter morning and I plan to get 1 framed for each of their rooms. I can imagine this same scene when they're teenagers. At least I hope they'll still love each other like this in 10 years!

Matching Easter toes!

Then we got dressed for church and took photos. I'm so excited. Remy is finally cooperating with taking photos!!

Beautiful big girls!! I mean, compared to last year.....

I thought this day would never come. We seriously took 2 photos of the girls and 2 family ones and were DONE. No having to bribe, get frustrated, yell, anything!

Compared to last year. Our girls have grown so much!

We were even at church 10 minutes early so we took some photos while the first service dismissed.

 After church Mimi and Gaga came over to see the girls in their Easter attire and I couldn't wrangle them for another picture. Remy NEEDED a nap so she went down for a bit. Then we had a DELICIOUS lunch of brisket, deviled eggs, bbq baked beans, cole slaw, carrots, and green beans with kings hawaiian rolls!

Then it was egg hunt time in the backyard! The bunny had to get creative this year since it rained that morning. We just did eggs on the little part of our back patio that wasn't wet, but there were still challenges finding the 2 "prize eggs"!

The girls had to find the eggs that were the colors of their rooms (Rylie-pink and green, Remy-blue and purple to save from Rylie grabbing all the first ones she saw. She actually had to look hard for hers while Remy's were more in the open)

Found a prize egg!

The other prize egg!

 There was a clue in each prize egg that led them to another prize from the bunny!

Reading their clues (Remy just said "I love you for giving me a hug. Love the Easter bunny" lol)

Found their prizes!!

Rylie was ECSTATIC at getting a jump rope!

Remy's just started doing jump rope at gymnastics so I thought it'd be good for her to practice at home. Simple little something extra for them.

And we had yummy lemon cupcakes for dessert!

We had a great Easter weekend! Hope you did too!

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